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Venison Gut Pile Recipes

Too many hunters limit their venison consumption to the conventional cuts of meat. Whip up these three tasty recipes to make use of the organs that are often left behind.

Venison Gut Pile Recipes
Fajitas are a surprisingly delicious way to make use of deer tongue. (Photo by Bruce Ingram)

When it comes to deer hunting, I am proudly a meat hunter, as venison is the only red meat that my wife and I consume. As such, we try to use every part of a whitetail as a matter of practicality—even the organs that often end up in many hunters’ gut piles.

Aside from wanting to get the most out of every deer we kill, there’s another reason to include deer hearts, tongues, livers and kidneys in our diet. Laura Pole, an oncology clinical nurse specialist and health-supportive chef who we often consult for both health purposes and delicious meals, advocates consuming organ meats for their nutritional benefit.

“Venison is very healthy to eat, and the same...

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