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Everything You Need to Know About Duck Hunting

Hard-learned advice from a duck hunter who has seen both sides of the migration.

Everything You Need to Know About Duck Hunting

The contrast in regional differences might be why duck hunting holds such an allure. (Photo By: Mike Clingan)

As I sat on the edge of a levee, staring out into the dark silhouettes of trees, I couldn’t help but think “You betcha…we’re not in North Dakota anymore.”

Growing up in Minnesota, duck hunting consisted of marshes, bays of lakes, and dry field hunts. I was so eaten up with shooting ducks and geese, North Dakota seemed like a fantastic place to spend my college years. To say it was a good run would be an understatement. World class waterfowling with a very light sprinkling of college courses was a fantastic recipe for any young hunter. It was in the prairie pothole region where my craft was honed. Big honkers and mallards didn’t stand a...

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