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How-to Find a Big-Buck Killing Tree

When targeting a specific buck, hunters must find the perfect tree to kill the deer.

How-to Find a Big-Buck Killing Tree

In order to consistently tag mature bucks, you have to find the tree that gives you the best chance to do it. (Photo courtesy of Mossy Oak)

As I drove to my hunting area in the pre-dawn darkness, the rain which had been pouring all night was still coming down at a steady pace. I checked the radar before leaving the house and it looked like the rain would end around daylight.

The conditions were perfect for the stand I had waited two years to hunt. There was an old bruiser of a buck running the area that I had named Joey, and although I had three years of trail camera history with him, this would be my first hunt for him.

The property that I was hunting had only a small brushy area no more than three or four acres in size. I had placed this stand more than a year earlier, but I let one whole season slip by without...

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