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Walleye Week In-Fisherman Classics: How Walleyes Feed In Cover and Along Edges

Steve Quinn talks about different edges that walleyes often associate with and how savvy anglers can use that to their advantage.


Can Gunpowder Spontaneously Ignite? Yes! Long-Term Powder Storage Hazards

It's quite rare, especially with modern powders, but it is possible for gunpowders to deteriorate over long periods of time and self-ignite. Here's one case that happened and how to prevent it.

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She Kills The Biggest Bird of the Year

Taylor is a known turkey killer in her family, and this year is no different. After an enjoyable gobbling morning, a wary longbeard pitches down and spends a couple of hours crossing a large ag field in Minnesota. A lot can and does go wrong, but will the long-spurred turkey finish? Check it out.

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