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This Life Ain't For Everybody with Chad Belding Episodes

E324 - Jack Daniel’s Presents Hannah Dasher — Country Music Singer and Songwriter

Hannah Damn Dasher is back with a bullet. Chad and Hannah dove into everything music, Nashville, cooking and honoring the greats like Waylon and Dwight and many others! She is a woman in Music City but always says she is “one of the boys!” We love us some Hannah and if you listen to this you’re gonna love her too! This episode is brought to you by Jack Daniel’s, Napa Valley Olive Oil, Champion Targets, and Traeger Grills.

E323 - Thank You For Making TLAFE a Huge Success! - Presented by Jack Daniel's

Chad breaks down the podcast series and sends thank you's out to our fans, our followers, our crew and our sponsors! He previews some upcoming guests and sends some shout outs to those involved.

E322 - Michael Ray

There is still something to be said about real country music and having a voice that will stand the test of time! Michael Ray is a country music singer songwriter who was living in Florida but now resides in Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee! Chad and Michael get into a deep conversation about the music industry, music row, life on the road, and what it takes to navigate being a country music star! Michael's new single Holy Water is available now on all of your streaming platforms. This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Jack Daniel's Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey, RESISTOL Cowboy Hats, Corning FORD, Dickie's Workwear, and OAKLEY Sunglasses!

E321 - Are Friendships Supposed To Work Both Ways? - Breaking It Down Series

Chad and Alex discuss the give and take of a friendship and what it means to be loyal, passionate, and outgoing to ensure longevity of friendships and relationships. They also break down if they feel that they both are putting everything they have into their friendships.

E320 - Is Social Media Really The Answer? - Breaking It Down Series

Chad and Alex discuss the real addiction of social media and if it is really worth it. Do we need it? Who cares about strangers liking our life...and do we even show our true lives on our channels? It has become a major issue in this country so we break down some of our thoughts in regards to this issue. There is even a small side bet at the end to challenge us to live life and not be sucked into the social dilemma.

E319 - Tate Fogleman NASCAR Truck Series

Tate Fogleman is back on the show to discuss his upcoming race at Pocono Speedway this coming Saturday! Tate will be in the #26 Rackley W.A.R. CHEVY truck for the Camping World NASCAR Truck Series Race! Chad and Tate dive right into his affiliation with Rackley W.A.R. and discuss their strategy for this Saturday. It's time to get back into Victory Lane!

E318 - Strength & Speed Training with Sierra Strength Reno Nevada

Rob Canatser of Sierra Strength and Speed out of Reno Nevada joins to podcast to talk about why athletes need to know the differences between strength and speed. Rob also talks about being focused or "in the mode" when training as mental preparation is just as important when training.

E317 - Reno Rodeo & Baseball - Breakin' It Down Series

We're breakin' down the 2022 Reno Rodeo and what we experiences and saw go down at one of Reno's biggest events of the year. We discuss professional baseball stadiums and how bad the surrounding areas have become.

E316 - Joe West - Legendary MLB Umpire

Joe West is a former Major League Baseball umpire. Joe umpired over 43 years, over 5400 ball games, and countless historic moments. Joe shares stores of his umpire experiences and his thoughts on players using steroids and some of his favorite baseball players.

E315 - Walker Buehler - MLB Pitcher

Walker Buehler is the Los Angeles Dodgers star pitcher. The guys discuss some of the new rules in MLB and some of Walker's experiences playing American's favorite pastime sport.

E314 - Dillon Carmichael - Country Singer-Songwriter

E314 - Dillon Carmichael - Country Singer-Songwriter by Chad Belding

E313 - Tracy Lawrence - Country Music Legend

One of the greatest country music artist joins the podcast. Tracy Lawrence has landed 40 singles on the billboard country charts including Alibis and Time Marches On which are certified double-platinum. Tracy was born in Atlanta Texas but grew up mostly in Arkansas where he soaked up traditional and outlaw country as well as Southern rock. Tracy shares his thoughts on what it takes to make a single be successful on the radio and some of the big differences in “making it” in country music today versus what it was like in the 80s & 90s.

E312 - Bo Nickal - NCAA Wrestling Champion & Pro MMA Fighter

Former Penn State wrestling great Bo Nickal celebrates his professional MMA debut with a win against John Nolan for iKON FC3. Bo shares stores from that fight and the work that it took to get there.

E311 - Cody Stamann - UFC Featherweight

Cody Stamann is a mixed martial artist and competes in the Bantamweight division of the UFC. Cody's talks a bit out his upcoming UFC Fight Night with Eddie Wineland. We get an insider look at how he trains and keeps focus for his upcoming fights.

E310 - Brett Kissell - Country Singer

E310 - Brett Kissell - Country Singer by Chad Belding

E309 - Mixing Sports and Politics - Breakin' It Down Series

Chad and Alex discuss the recent controversial political statements made by the Giants Head Coach Gabe Kapler's and the Golden State Warriors Steve Kerr over gun control laws. As more coaches and athletes use their platforms for discussing their political viewpoints it has turned many loyal fans off to their favorite games. Topics discussed jump around a bit so it's not all doom and gloom.

E308 - Dee Jay Silver - Country Music DJ

First DJ ever signed to a major Nashville Record Label, RCA Nashville. Dee Jay Silver has been a top touring DJ/remixer/producer for the past 15 years, having played in premier venues in virtually every major market in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

E307 - NASCAR Racing at Talladega - Breakin' It Down Series

Chad and Alex recap their crazy weekend at The Talladega Super Speedway watching Nascar and hanging out with great people!

E306 - The Breakdown of Society - Breakin' It Down Series

Chad and Alex don't hold back their thoughts on our current society here in the United States and how many individuals just don't care how they treat their cities and citizens.

E305 - Rocky Dale Davis - Stand-up Comedy

Rocky Dale Davis is a stand up comic who has become a fan favorite with his raw and unapologetic approach to his art and life. He has built a fan base the old fashioned way, from hitting the comedy clubs and making people fall down laughing until they can’t take it anymore. He is a must see and this episode is a must listen as Chad weaves in and out of Rocky’s life and career until they reach a common ground of a Jack Daniel’s on ice and a toast to the good life!

E304 - Kasey Tyndall - Country Singer-Songwriter

Kasey Tyndall is a female country singer-songwriter from North Carolina and is now turning heads in Nashville with her Country / Rock / Gospel style. Chad and Kasey discuss her start into country music, what gives her ideas to write her songs and what it’s like to be an upcoming female artist in Nashville. She also performs her next single to be released called “Babies”.

E303 - How Celebrities Stay Relevant & Stand-up Comedy - Breakin' It Down Series

Chad and Alex discuss the different ways aging celebrities have tried to stay relevant today. The guys also compare stand-up comedy of today vs the 90's and early 2000's.

E302 - Michael Bloch - Internal Medicine Specialist - Reno Nevada

Michael is a physician who specializes in Internal Medicine in Reno, Nevada. Chad and Michael discuss heart health and ways to improve your health through creating better habits in your diet and exercise.

E301 - Rob Conatser - Sierra Strength & Speed Reno Nevada

Rob is the owner of Sierra Strength & Speed. A Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with 25 years’ experience, Rob spent his first 10 years in Division I and Division II intercollegiate athletics. Whether it’s working out or eating right, there is some great information in this podcast to help you live life as healthy as possible.

E300 - HARDY - Songwriter of the Year

HARDY took home Songwriter of the Year at the 2022 Academy of Country Music Awards. HARDY joins the podcast to discuss his inspirations behind some of his song lyrics and the influences of rock n' roll in his songs.

E299 - Living a Healthy Lifestyle - Breakin’ It Down Series

As you get older questions about living a healthier lifestyle becomes more important to find those answers. The guys breakdown some daily habits that can affect your health and performance at work including drugs, alcohol and caffeine.

E298 - Kirstie Ennis - Military Veteran and Outdoor Athlete

Thanks to the outdoors Kirstie Ennis does more now on one leg than she ever even dreamed of doing on two. Kirstie has created the Kirstie Ennis Foundation was created to inspire individuals. The foundation provides education, opportunity, and healing in the outdoors through our recreational therapy clinics and expeditions.

E297 - Are American’s Overweight? Breakin’ It Down Series

A good friend Bubba wins a body fat loss competition and gets Chad and Alex talking about obesity, lifestyle choices and health in America. The guys jump around to other topics including the historic high gas prices. The guys are able to do some fact checking thanks to Jack Orlandi joining in on the podcast.

E296 - Kyle Dake - 3X World Champion & Olympic Medalist

Kyle Dake is a freestyle wrestler and is a three-time and the reigning World Champion. Dake also claimed a bronze medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo. In college, he became the third four-time NCAA Division I National Champion in history, and the only one to ever do so in four different weight classes, and without a redshirt season.

E295 - J Edwards - a voice that rocks the streets of downtown Nashville

What would the Grizzly Bear sound like if it could sing? It would sound like it had taken lessons from J Edwards. It's that voice that rocks the streets of downtown Nashville, but it's his original songs that bring the city alive again with the spirit of long gone story-tellers. Chad and Edwards talk about song writing and getting into the mechanics of giving meaning in every single word.

E294 - Chris Knight

An interesting conversation with Chris Knight on his experiences as a songwriter and music artist. Chris not only has his own chart hits but his songs have been covered other country hitmakers like Blake Shelton, Randy Travis, Ty Herndon, Montgomery Gentry and Confederate Railroad.

E293 - Michael Hunter - Wild Game Chef & Restaurateur of Antler in Toronto

Chef Michael Hunter is owner of Antler Kitchen and Bar in Canada's most urbane city of Toronto. Growing up in the Canadian outdoors, Michael brings a unique style and flavors to his dishes that are unlike anywhere else. From bear heart to venison neck tacos he is a master to his craft.

E292 - Austin Riley - Atlanta Braves Third Baseman World Series Champion

Austin Riley is a third baseman for the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball. Austin, played a big part in helping his team get into and win the 2021 World Series. Riley was instrumental in the Braves’ 4-2 series victory over the Houston Astros on a memorable Tuesday night to capture their first World Series title since 1995. We’re excited to talk baseball and learn more about Austin.

E291 - Ryan Bader Bellator Heavyweight Champion

Ryan Bader is an American MMA fighter and the current Bellator Heavyweight Champion, the former Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion, and the winner of the 2018 Bellator Heavyweight World Grand Prix Tournament. Recently Ryan successfully defended his heavyweight title against Valentin Moldavsky and talks about his future plans.

E290 - Mike Krukow - Former MLB Pitcher and TV Color Commentator for the Giants

Many today know Mike Krukow as the color commentator for the Giants, but Mike also was a starting pitcher in the Major Leagues for the Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies and San Fransisco Giants. Chad and Mike discuss some of the recent cheating scandals in baseball and how the steroids era effected the sport.

E289 - Crescent Tools - Righty Tighty Lefty Loosey Series

The first episode of the Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey Crescent Podcast Series hosted by Chad and Hal Shaffer. Hal is an Alabama native and lifelong outdoorsman but has a big background in the professional tools business. Hal was in a NASCAR Pit crew for many years and cohost's love of NASCAR and all-things-racing. The guys talk about Crescent Tools as a company and the tools they make for the working man. The guys compare the work ethic of today's generation with previous generations and there is much we can learn from the past.

E288 - The Power of Social Media Censorship - Breakin’ It Down Series

If you're a company or individual who posts content related to hunter or shooter you probably have noticed the effects of how social media companies can just one day decide to lower your reach to just full on censorship of your content. Chad and Alex tackle this topic of social media censorship and the effects on the hunting and sport shooting community.

E287 - Hayes Carll - Singer & Songwriter

Excited to have singer and songwriter Hayes Carll in the podcast room. Hayes has the gift of storytelling and with his rock-roll sound he is a must have on the playlist. We talk about his experience in the music industry and the backstory to some of his hit songs.

E286 - Greatest Comedy Movies - Breakin’ It Down Series

Chad and Alex talk about classic comedy movies and the comedian actors in them. The recall movies like Revenge of the Nerds, The Handover, American Pie, a bunch of Adam Sandler movies like Billy Madison, Waterboy, Happy Gilmore and more.

E285 - Tate Fogleman NASCAR Truck Racer and Justin Smiley NFL Guard - Part 2

We have Tate Fogleman and Justin Smiley both talented athletes in very different sports. Tate is a professional NASCAR Truck racer who had a dramatic finish to win the 2021 Camping World Truck Series race at Talladega. Justin Smiley is a former NFL guard player. He played college football at Alabama and was a member of the San Fransisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Oakland Raiders.

E284 - Tate Fogleman NASCAR Truck Racer and Justin Smiley NFL Guard Part1

We have Tate Fogleman and Justin Smiley both talented athletes in very different sports. Tate is a professional NASCAR Truck racer who had a dramatic finish to win the 2021 Camping World Truck Series race at Talladega. Justin Smiley is a former NFL guard player. He played college football at Alabama and was a member of the San Fransisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Oakland Raiders.

E283 - Favorite Sitcoms - Breakin’ It Down Series

The guys discuss their favorite sitcoms that are binge watching worthy like the classics of The Office, Seinfeld, Simpsons, Cheers and more.

E282 - Has MLB and The Players Change? - Breakin’ It Down Series

The guys talk about Major League Baseball and how today's players, media and the game seems to have lost something from the days when George Brett, Rickey Henderson or Pete Rose played.

E281 - The Holidays - Breakin’ It Down Series

As Christmas approaches Chad and Alex talk about their favorite holiday traditions.

E280 - Chase Rice - Country Singer Songwriter

Chase Rice is a country music singer and songwriter. Chase co-wrote with Florida Georgia Line Cruise which topped Billboard Hot Country Songs.

E279 - Nate Day - Adventure Photographer For LEER Toppers Part 2

Nate Day's Instagram @somedayadventure follows their adventures in the outdoors. Nate's talents in photography and storytelling has lead him working for TAG - Truck Accessories Group, LLC, which is a collection of companies that make it North America’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass and aluminum truck caps and tonneau covers. These recreational and commercial/fleet products include LEER, SnugTop, Century, Pace Edwards by LEER, and BedSlide brands.

E278 - Talladega NASCAR Truck & Car Race - Breakin’ It Down Series

Chad and Alex are back in the studio to talk about their experiences at the 2021 Talladega Speedway NASCAR stockcar and truck races. Chad help collect sponsors for Tate Fogleman, who ended up winning the race for his first career NASCAR national series victory. Talladega Speedway is one of the world's greatest, biggest (2.66 miles), steepest (33 degrees) and the fastest tracks in all of NASCAR courses.

E277 - Rebecca Kleefisch - Running for Governor of Wisconsin

Rebecca Kleefisch is a Wisconsin-proud, conservative mom who believes in turning great ideas into reality, regardless of the odds. In 2010, Wisconsinites elected Rebecca as the state’s 44th Lieutenant Governor, where she championed workforce and economic development for eight years.

E276 - Cody Cannon - Lead singer and guitarist of Whiskey Myers

Whiskey Myers' frontman Cody Cannon joins us to talk about his experiences being in the music industry, his current tour and what some of his future plans are.

E275 - Christie Vanover - Girls Can Grill

Christie is the editor and publisher of, an online magazine dedicated to sharing grilling tips and recipes. This episode is brought to you by Jack Daniels and Traeger Grills.

E274 - Kirstie Ennis - Military Vet & Brand Ambassador for LEER Toppers

Kirstie Ennis is a retired U.S. Marine Sergeant, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, snowboarder, mountain climber, left-leg amputee and more.

E273 - Frank Liddell Founder of Carnival Music Publishing

Frank Liddell is co-founder of Carnival Music, an independent music publishing company headquartered in Nashville, TN. They've produced albums for Miranda Lambert, Darius Rucker, David Nail, Lee Ann Womack, Brandi Carlie, Jack Ingram and more.

E272 - Nate Day - Adventure Photographer For LEER Toppers

Nate Day's Instagram @somedayadventure follows their adventures in the outdoors. Nate's talents in photography and storytelling has lead him working for TAG - Truck Accessories Group, LLC, which is a collection of companies that make it North America’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass and aluminum truck caps and tonneau covers. These recreational and commercial/fleet products include LEER, SnugTop, Century, Pace Edwards by LEER, and BedSlide brands.

E271 - The Kid Rock Concert in Reno - Breakin’ It Down Series

Chad and Alex talk about their recent experience at the sold out Kid Rock concert held in Reno, Nevada. Between the light show, the pyro, and Kid Rock's vocals and performance this was an outstanding concert.

E270 - Tuff Hedeman - World Champion and ProRodeo Hall of Fame Bull Rider

Tuff Hedeman is a four-time World Champion and ProRodeo Hall of Fame bull rider. This episode is presented by Resistol cowboy hats. Tuff's friendship with the late Lane Frost which was depicted in the 1994 film, 8 Seconds.

E269 - Creating Cravable Seasoning with Patrick McKinney of Lifespice

Patrick McKinney works for LifeSpice Ingredients, a leader in creating unique, craveable proprietary seasoning blends for the food industry. They are experts in studying consumer health and taste trends which help them discover the future flavors and products we see on the shelves in grocery stores.

E268 - Creed Fisher - Country Singer Songwriter

Fisher's second album "Ain't Scared To Bleed" went Top 30 on the ITunes Country charts and continues to be embraced by fans all around the world. When it came to his 3rd album "Rednecks Like Us" it was reviewed by Country Music People magazine and got 4 out of 5 stars.

E267 - 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - Breakin’ It Down Series

What is Sturgis? Why the Black Hills of South Dakota? Chad and Alex attend the 2020 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, the largest motorcycle rally in the world. It's an event held annually in The Black Hills and in Sturgis, South Dakota. For 10 days for the first week in August there are races, concerts and rides made for every type of Motorcycle riders.

E266 - Hank Cherry - BASS Angler & 2x Bassmaster Classic Champion

In 2021, Hank Cherry will compete in his ninth year on the Bassmaster Elite Series. Cherry hit the apex of career accomplishments by winning back-to-back the 2021 and the 2020 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Huk. Cherry was the 2013 Elite Series Rookie of the Year. Cherry has two other wins to his credit, a Southern Open at Smith Lake in 2012 and the All-Star event in 2013. Cherry starts the 2021 season less than $10,000 from eclipsing the million-dollar mark.

E265 - T.J. Dillashaw Mixed Martial Artis and UFC Champion

TJ is a former two-time UFC Bantamweight Champion. He competed in the 2011 Ultimate Fighter Season. TJ shares his thoughts on the UF, stories from his past fights and his future plans.

E264 - Rodney Atkins - Country Singer Songwriter

While his storied career has reached such heights as being named the Top New Male Vocalist at the 2006 ACM awards and seeing his single "Watching You" become the Number One Song of the Decade according to Country Aircheck, it’s been more than seven years since Take a Back Road, his last record of new material. Rodney Atkins talks about his past experience and his future in country music.

E263 - Tuffy Stone - Six-Time World Barbecue Champion Pitmaster

George "Tuffy" Stone is one of the most influential people in barbecue. He is a six-time World Barbecue Champion Pitmaster, a Barbecue Hall of Fame inductee, a former Marine, a French-trained Chef. He is on the competitive barbecue circuit. He has appeared on the Destination America reality television show BBQ Pitmasters. He runs the team "Cool Smoke" and owns a barbecue restaurant chain called "Q Barbeque". His nickname is "The Professor". He is the author of Cool Smoke- The Art of Great Barbecue. In addition we also have Jed Lirette from Jack Daniel's to discuss all things BBQ.

E262 - Kendell Marvel - Outlaw Country Singer Songwriter

On his first day in Nashville, Kendell wrote the song "Right Where I Need to Be" which was cut by Gary Allen and peaked at number 5 on Billboard's country music chart. This initial success really boosted Kendell's career as a writer and allowed him to work with a wide array of acts including, Jake Owen, George Strait and many more. As his career progressed he returned to his roots, feeling that a traditional sound was a more natural fit for his writing and own music style. In 2008 he wrote the title track for Jamey Johnson's Grammy nominated album, That Lonesome Song, which yielded the same name as the song. Kendell has also written over 60 songs with country star, Chris Stapleton including his grammy winning track, "Either Way".

E261 - Michael Politz - Publisher of Food & Beverage Magazine

Michael Politz is the founder and publisher of Food & Beverage Magazine, the leading online magazine and resource in the industry. Michael has developed and branded multiple celebrity bar and nightlife concepts, and has consulted for Fortune 500 Companies such as Hallmark and Safeway Foods. Michael was recognized as one of Entrepreneur Magazine's Top Forty Executives Under 40.

E260 - Hannah Dasher - Country Singer-Songwriter & Performer

Hannah Dasher is a newcomer to the Nashville music scene but is quickly making a name for herself with her talents in songwriting, incredible personality, and social savviness. Her ability to blend vintage, traditional southern country with a modern twist is something fans are craving right now. She's written songs for Brad Paisley and others. Find her on TikTok where she started a Stand By Your Pan series where she showcases her personality, her voice and her knack for great southern cooking.

E259 - Bo Nickal - 2019 U23 World Champion Freestyle Wrestler

Bo Dean Nickal is an American freestyle wrestler and graduated folkstyle wrestler who competes at 86 kilograms. In freestyle, he claimed the 2019 U23 World Championship and the US Open National championship, and was a finalist at the 2020 US Olympic Team Trials and a Final X contestant in 2019.

E258 - Chris Hennessee - Southern Country Blues

Chris Hennessee, singer/songwriter and long time Jamey Johnson band mate, has released “Twilight In The South”. His music can best be described as Southern Country Blues. He's played venues all over the South but spends most of this time in Nashville performing at venues on historic "Lower Broad".

E257 - Matt Serra - MMA & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Matt Serra is a former UFC world welterweight champion, an ADCC Submission Wrestling Silver Medalist and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts under the legendary Renzo Gracie. Serra participated in Season 4 of The Ultimate Fighter and as a coach in Season 6 vs Matt Hughes. Serra now enjoys a flourishing career as he runs two Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academies in New York.

E256 - Gary LeVox - Founding member of Rascal Flatts

Gary LeVox is a singer and songwriter and wowed on stage as lead singer of Rascal Flatts for 20 years. Gary is now working on his solo career with his first album called One On One. Gary is passionate about – song writing, performing, fan engagement, charitable causes, hunting and fishing, his family farm, family and faith.

E255 - David Meltzer - Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur & Business Guru

David Meltzer is the Co-founder of Sports 1 Marketing and formerly served as CEO of the renowned Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment agency, which was the inspiration for the movie Jerry Maguire.

E254 - Austin Riley - 3rd Baseman For Atlanta Braves

Austin is back to talk about his experiences working in the MLB. He talks about his experiences dealing with the pressures of the sport and how to overcome expectations from others and from himself. Riley is a professional baseball third baseman and outfielder for the Atlanta Braves.

E253 - Kirstie Ennis - Veteran, Adaptive Adventure Athlete & Entrepreneur

Kirstie Ennis is an amazing individual. After being injured in Afghanistan and forced into a medical retirement from her Marine Sergeant service, she found new ways to serve and help others. Her passion for the outdoors and drive to help others, lead her to start the Kirstie Ennis Foundation, a non-profit with an aim to provide education, opportunity, and healing in the outdoors through our recreational therapy clinics and expeditions. The organization also introduces new and recycled medical device technology to underserved communities around the world. For more information please visit:

E252 - Jack Ingram - Country Singer Songwriter

Jack Ingram is a country music artist from the great state of Texas. His songs are amazing and his ability to capture the moments in his songwriting and story-telling is why we love his music. Jack talks about his new album called The Marfa Tapes made in collaboration with Miranda Lambert and Jon Randall.

E251 - Chad Ward - Pitmaster & Founder of Whiskey Bent BBQ

Chad’s love of BBQ comes from his belief that it’s more than just food- it’s a language that everyone can understand. Co-founder of Whiskey Bent BBQ, a competition BBQ team and BBQ supply shop, Chad has won multiple awards with over 200 top 10 overall and category finishes. Chad has also appeared on the hit TV show Chopped and is a regular guest on The Dan Patrick Show.

E250 - Brent Cobb

Brent Cobb is a Grammy-nominated southern country singer-songwriter. He's written songs for a variety of country artists, including Luke Bryan, Kellie Pickler, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, The Oak Ridge Boys and many others. We've had a few great podcasts with Brent Cobb in the past, search them up!

E249 - Spencer Lee - 2019 Freestyle Wrestling Champion

Spencer Lee is a 3x NCAA National Wrestling Champion who represents the University of Iowa Hawkeyes. He is a 2x Dan Hodge Award Winner which is awarded to the best college wrestler in the country each year. Spencer will be entering his senior year at Iowa and we are so proud to have him on the show! And remember, excuses are for Wusses!

E248 - Matt Pittman - Meat Church

Matt Pittman is an award-winning pitmaster who founded Meat Church BBQ and is a Traeger Grills ambassador. Matt is a seasoned pro and offers bbq recipes and bbq techniques.

E247 - John Cary - Part 3

John Cary is owner of one of the top general contractors in Reno, Nevada and owner of JCS Construction. The guys get into work ethic and the troubles he sees in the construction world. John is also a bit of a fitness nut and has a great information and experiences in that realm.

E246 - Dillon Carmichael - Country Music Singer - Songwriter

Dillon Carmichael unleashed his brilliant debut, ‘Hell On An Angel.’ Produced by Dave Cobb—the studio guru behind country radio powerhouses like Chris Stapleton and Zac Brown Band. The New York Times compared Carmichael to Randy Travis and said his rich baritone voice “moves with the heft and certainty of a tractor-trailer,” while NPR praised his “deep holler,” and Parade raved that “Carmichael defines pure country.” He landed on Artist To Watch lists from Billboard, Rolling Stone, Taste of Country, Pandora, and more, reached #2 at Country radio’s Most Added chart with his debut radio single, “Dancing Away With My Heart,” electrified festival crowds from CMA Fest to Dierks Bentley’s Seven Peaks, and earned tour dates with Aaron Lewis, Dwight Yoakam, Trace Adkins, The Cadillac Three, and A Thousand Horses among others.

E245 - Unsportsmanlike Parents - Breakin’ It Down Series

If you have kids in sports you know there are parents out there that get just too fired up. We take a look at parents who push their kids in sports and why it’s key to finding a balance so kids don’t get burnt out or pushing away good coaches.

E244 - Chris Knight Talented Singer-Songwriter - Part 3

Chris Knight is a talented songwriter and a voice to match. His unique style and talents have lead him to produce some of the finest songs in the Americana genre. HIs songs have been covered by country hitmakers like Blake Shelton, Randy Travis, Ty Herndon, Montgomery Gentry, and Confederate Railroad.

E243 - Austin Riley - Atlanta Braves Baseball Player

Michael Austin Riley is an American professional baseball third baseman and outfielder for the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball.

E242 - Caleb Ferguson - LA Dodger Pitcher

Caleb Ferguson is a professional baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The guys talk about how the baseball season is going so far, pitching technique and injuries that plague baseball pitchers like Tommy Johns.

E241 - Noah Gragson - NASCAR Racing

Noah Gragson is one of the top racers in NASCAR picking up a few wins in 2020. He drives the No. 9 Chevrolet for JR Motorsports.

E240 - Exes And Past Relationships - Breakin It Down Series

Talking about past relationships can be difficult but Chad and Alex tackle this very topic.

E239 - Walker Buehler - Dodger Pitcher

Walker Buehler is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball. Walker talks about the rough season and his plans for the future

E238 - David Taylor - National Champion Wrestler

David Taylor is an American freestyle and graduated folkstyle wrestler who currently competes at 86 kilograms. A three–time US National Champion (six–time finalist), two–time World Cup champion, three–time Pan American champion, and the 2018 Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix champion, Taylor became the 2018 World Champion, notably defeating 2016 Olympic gold medalist and returning World Champion from Iran Hassan Yazdani in the first round. Taylor also had a decorated college career at Penn State as two–time NCAA Division I National Champion, four-time Big Ten Conference champion and two-time Dan Hodge Trophy winner.

E237 - Kyle Dake - Olympic Wrestler

Kyle Dake is the reigning Pan American champion, a two–time US National champion, 2018 World Cup champion and 2018 Ivan Yarygin Grand Prix silver medalist, Dake has won two back–to–back World Championships at 79 kilograms by defeating 2016 Olympic medalist Jabrayil Hasanov in the finals, in 2018 and 2019.

E236 - Ryan Bader - Bellator Heavyweight Champion

Ryan Bader is the current Bellator Heavyweight Champion and the former Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion. Prior to signing with Bellator, Bader competed for the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the Light Heavyweight division. There, Bader achieved success as a top 5 Light Heavyweight contender and he compiled a UFC record of 15–5. He was a cast member and winner of The Ultimate Fighter.

E235 - Charlie Blackmon - Professional Baseball Player

Charlie Blackmon is a professional baseball outfielder for the Colorado Rockies.

E234 - Travis Tritt

Over the years, Travis Tritt has won two Grammy Awards and four CMA Awards and has been inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Among his 11 studio albums, seven have been certified platinum or higher. He dominated the country airways in the 90s and after a long break released a new album ‘Set In Stone’. Tritt shares stories of his songwriting and experiences.

E233 - Hipster & Foodies - Breakin It Down Series

Chad and Alex breaking down what it means to be a hipster. What do they believe? What do they wear? what do they do? What about Foodies? Lots of questions and maybe the guys get to the answers but they for sure make it interesting.

E232 - Lexi Phillips - Jack Daniel's Assistant Distiller

Tennessee native Lexi Phillips is the Assistant Distiller at Jack Daniel's. She is the first female to hold that position! “Making Tennessee Whiskey has been my life’s passion, and I am grateful to be able to inspire a new generation of women to follow in my footsteps.”

E231 - Gulf Coast Jam is back with Luke Bryan, Brad Paisley & Skynyrd June 4 - 6 2021

Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam in beautiful Panama City Beach, FL brings the nations largest Country Music stars to the gorgeous emerald coast. This past year was a bust due to Covid but this year Luke Bryan Brad Paisley, Skynyrd and more are schedule to play June 4th - 6th 2021. We talk with founder Rendy Lovelady to talk about the challenges but the excitement to bring people some much needed fun and good live country music.

E230 - Chris Fletcher Jack Daniel's Master Distiller

Filling the shoes of retired Jeff Arnett, Master Distiller of Jack Daniel's will be no easy task! But Chris Fletcher is up for the task; he's got the education, the training and the genes! Fletcher had previously served for six years as Assistant Master Distiller under Arnett and will now be responsible for the overall quality of Jack Daniel’s from “grain to glass,” innovation and serve as a global ambassador. In addition, he will oversee the distillery’s new “Distillers in Training” program which aims to recruit, teach, and mentor the next generation of whiskey makers.

E229 - Jack Daniel Cocktails, Dieting & More - Breakin' It Down Series

Chad and Alex talk about different Jack Daniel's cocktails and life around drinking and balancing life goals. This episode is brought to you down by Jack Daniel's.

E228 - Sweet Tea Trio - Country Girls That Can Sing

Sweet Tea is a trio of three country singers out of Nashville, TN. The girls share their experiences of the music industry and stories behind their songs.

E227 - Charlie Argo - Southern Blues

Caught in a battle between the southern blues man in his soul and the country gentleman his momma raised him to be, the two worlds collide on Charlie Argo's sleeve, where the babyfaced crooner wears his heart.

E226 - Social Media and Its Effects - Breaking It Down Series

Love it or hate it, social media platforms have taken over our personal lives and businesses marketing. Some have resisted but its rare to not have it involved in our lives and influsing our thoughts. Chad and Alex talk about their experiences and how you can make it work for your business and connect with friends. The Breaking It Down Podcast Series is brought to you by Jack Daniel's.

E225 - Knowing Where Your Food Comes From - Breaking It Down Series

Chad and Alex get into a topic that is close to their hearts and to many others! Food, cooking and diets. The Breaking It Down Series is brought to you by Jack Daniel's and

E224 - Politics with a splash of comedy - Breaking It Down Series

Chad and Alex start with political topics but then find themselves talking about their favorite comedians. This series is brought to you by Jack Daniel’s.

E223 - Celebrities and Their Relationships - Breaking It Down Series

Chad and Crosby venture into the world of celebrity lifestyle. Their perspective is a funny look at the humble and not so humble and the publics fascination into every aspect of their lives including their relationships.

E222 - Beards & Hair Cuts - Breaking It Down Series

Chad and Alex get into why it's a good idea to have a beard, the realities of upkeep, andthe haircuts they would have if they weren't bald. The Breaking It Down Podcast Series is brought to you by Jack Daniels.

E221 - Most Famous Cocktails of All Time - Breaking It Down Series With Alex Crosby

A new series we are calling Breaking It Down with Chad Belding and Alex Crosby. This episode the guys talk about their favorite cocktails, beers etc. This episode is brought to you by Jack Daniel's

E220 - Michael Ray - Country Music Singer Songwriter

Michael Ray is an American country music singer and songwriter. Michael shares stories of writing songs and live as a Nashville artist. Plus, Ray talks about the release of his new single Whiskey and Rain.

E219 - John Cary with JSC Construction Part 2

John Cary is owner of JSC Construction and they are one of the top custom home builders out of Reno, Nevada. John founded his company based on traditional values and a strong work ethic and shares some of experiences building up a successful company. John is also a bit of a fitness and weightlifting guru and the guys discuss paths to fitness success there as well.

E218 - John Cary with JCS Construction

John Cary is owner of JSC Construction and they are one of the top custom home builders out of Reno, Nevada. John founded his company based on traditional values and a strong work ethic and shares some of experiences building up a successful company. John is also a bit of a fitness and weightlifting guru and the guys discuss paths to fitness success there as well.

E217 - Matt Pendola - Getting Back In To Shape and Stay There

Matt Pendola is a professional fitness coach who works with top professional athletes and even down to normal humans looking to improve their health or performance for certain activities like hunting or just living life. Check out Matt's website

E216 - Josh Hader - Professional baseball pitcher for Milwaukee Brewers

Josh Hader is a two-time All-Star and two-time winner of the National League Reliever of the Year Award. We're excited to have Josh on the podcast and to hear his stories of working his way up to to the major leagues and becoming one of the top relievers in the league.

E215 - Bryan McGehee - Durable Gatr Coolers

Gatr Coolers is a family owned and operated business based in Louisiana. They specialize in durable coolers, ice chests and drinkware. Bryan is an outdoorsman and knows the importance of having products that can withstand the elements and rugged used.

E214 - Cody Jinks - Outlaw Country

Evoking classic styles from outlaw country to Southern rock, Cody Jinks shifted from a career in thrash metal to that of a successful country rebel, issuing several well-received indie releases in the early 2010s before breaking into the mainstream with his self-released sixth album, I'm Not the Devil, which reached number four on the Billboard country charts in 2016.

E213 - Chuck Liddell - UFC Legend

Although Chuck “Iceman” Liddell has been retired from the UFC for some time he still is one of the most recognized names in the mixed martial arts world. Chuck is the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. He has an extensive striking background in Kenpo, Karate, and Kickboxing, as well as a grappling background in collegiate wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

E212 - Napa Valley Olive Oil - For Food Lovers

At Napa Valley Olive Oil Manufacturing Company they have the most authentic high quality Italian food and products in the area, but olive oil is their specialty. Family owned and operated, they have been in business since 1931 and their techniques and processes in olive oil making have never been altered in any way. Their olive oil is available for purchase by the jug. You can find them at

E211 - Hunter Glenn Winery - Napa Valley Vineyard

Hunter Glenn Estate Winery was founded by 4th generation Napa Valley family. Nestled back into the hillsides of the Mayacamas Mountains, their family farm vineyard is hidden, rustic and true-to-its-core Napa feel. It's a place you need to visit and taste their portfolio of complex wine.

E210 - Catch The Biggest Fish with G-Ratt Baits

Hank and Garret of G-Ratt Baits make hand-crafted baits to help you catch the biggest fish. These baits are tried and true. They work. Simple as that.

E209 - Jon Pardi

Pardi began writing music at the age of 12 and had formed his own band by 14. He moved to Nashville after high school and signed with Capitol Nashville, and has since released three studio albums including his most recent, 2019's Heartache Medication. He scored his first No. 1 single in 2015 with "Head Over Boots," following that with his second No. 1, "Dirt on My Boots," in 2016. Last year, he earned his third trip to the top spot with Heartache Medication's title track.

E208 - Hayes Carll - Singer-Songwriter

Joshua Hayes is a singer-songwriter from Woodland, Texas. Little Rock was the first self-released album to reach No. 1 on the Americana Chart. "She Left Me For Jesus," which appeared on Trouble in Mind, was the Americana Music Association Song of the Year 2008. Also in 2016 Carll was nominated for a Grammy Awards for Best Country Song "Chances Are".

E207 - David Wise - Olympic and X Games Gold Medalist

David is a two-time Olympic Gold medalist. He has won six Grand Prix, six World Cups, 3 X Games and one Freeski World Championship. David grew up in Reno, Nevada and is a avid outdoorsman with a passion to live off the land.

E206 - Travis T-Bone Turner

Travis T-bone Turner, co-host of Michael Waddell's Bone Collector TV Show on the Outdoor Channel, is a certified professional archer on the pro-staff of Realtree Outdoors.

E205 - Camp Life with Brent Cobb, Ben Ratliff & Shawn Radford

Brent Cobb, Ben Ratliff and Shawn Radford join Chad at Duck camp. Brent plays a few of our favorite songs and the guys talk about the music industry and making a living in it. This episode is brought to you by Jack Daniels

E204 - Niko Moon - Singer Songwriter

Niko Moon, is a singer/songwriter signed to Sony Music Nashville/RCA Nashville. He has written songs for the Zac Brown Band and was also a member of the group Sir Rosevelt with Zac Brown and Ben Simonetti.

E203 - Jordan Harbertson Co-Founder MTN OPS - Part 2

Jordan Harbertson is owner and co-founder of MTN OPS and is an avid outdoorsman. Jordan's passion for hunting and outdoor activities has influenced the direction of MTN OPS as an outdoor performance supplement. Check out their products here:

E202 - Charlie Blackmon - MLB Player Colorado Rockies

Charles Cobb Blackmon, nicknamed "Chuck Nazty", is an American professional baseball outfielder for the Colorado Rockies of Major League Baseball.

E201- Walker Buehler MLB Pitcher

Walker Anthony Buehler is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball. He played college baseball for the Vanderbilt Commodores and was a member of their 2014 College World Series.

E200 - Jordan Harbertson - Co Founder of Mtn Ops

Jordan is co founder of Mtn Ops, a performance supplement company focused on the outdoor and hunting lifestyle. We've experienced the success using Mtn Ops when training for hunts and now we get the backstory and science involved in making their product we relied on.

E199 - Chris Knight Part 2

Chris Knight's talent for songwriting has served him well. He's won a loyal audience for his stories of the rocky emotional landscape of ordinary lives, expressed in the warm but rough-hewn tone of his Kentucky-accented voice. But he's also struck gold with other artists recording his tunes, and his work has been covered by country hitmakers like Blake Shelton, Randy Travis, Ty Herndon, Montgomery Gentry, and Confederate Railroad.

E198 - Scott Graves - Special Ops Xcursions

Scott Graves is founder of Special Ops Xcursions, a volunteer nonprofit organization devoted to providing outdoor adventure to active duty Special Operations Warriors and their families.

E197 - Riley Green

Riley Green is a country music singer-songwriter and saw his first success with his hit single "There Was This Girl" back in 2018. Riley was raised on the sounds of old traditional Country, Bluegrass, and Southern Gospel music. Riley is an avid outdoorsman and when he's not on tour or in the studio making music he spends time out in the duck blind with friends and family.

E196 - Nick Mundt

A native to Spearfish, South Dakota, Nick Mundt has lived, breathed and loved hunting since he was a young boy. Nick spent more than 15 years as a licensed guide at Seven J Outfitters and many know him from the Bone Collector TV Series and Realtree Road trips. Nick is known to consistently get it done with big animals, no matter where he is. Nick has a passion for the outdoors and conservation which is a big part of what he wants to teach non-hunters and hunters alike.

E195 - Adam Hood & Ben Ratliff

Adam Hood and the best Nashville tour manager Ben Ratliff joins the podcast to talk about the Nashville music scene and share stories of writing songs and industry experiences in this crazy time of the pandemic. Adam also sings a few of our favorite songs. Give it a listen!

E194 - Tim Montana

Tim Montana is an Outlaw Country singer and songwriter. His single "This Beard Came Here to Party" was adopted by the Boston Red Sox as the theme song of their 2013 post-season run. Whether he’s performing onstage with ZZ Top in front of a crowd of thousands, kicking it with his friend Dave Grohl at a Foo Fighters gig or racing ATVs with extreme-sports star Travis Pastrana, Tim Montana has a knack for always being in the right place at the right time. But don’t chalk it up to luck. Rather, it’s Montana’s innate talent, unrelenting hustle and magnetic charisma that have made the country-rock singer-songwriter a dude that everyone — from the famous to the blue-collar — wants to be around.

E193 - Biff Fighter US Navy Fighter Pilot

Biff talks about the discipline it takes to be a fighter pilot and some of his experiences as a pilot for the U.S. Navy.

E192 - Adam Hood

Solo artist. Frontman. Behind-the-scenes songwriter. For more than a decade, Adam Hood has left his mark both onstage and in the writing room, carving out a southern sound that mixes equal parts country, soul and American roots music.

E191 - Brent Cobb

Brent Cobb joins the podcast to share stories from the release of his highly anticipated new album "Keep ‘Em On They Toes”. His past album Shine On Rainy Day peaked at number 17 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart. Cobb also received a 2018 Grammy Award nomination for this album. Cobb has written songs for a variety of country artists, including Luke Bryan, Kellie Pickler, Kenny Chesney, Miranda Lambert, Little Big Town, The Oak Ridge Boys as well as many others.

E190 - Chris Knight - Part 2

Chris Knight's talent for songwriting has served him well. He's won a loyal audience for his stories of the rocky emotional landscape of ordinary lives, expressed in the warm but rough-hewn tone of his Kentucky-accented voice. But he's also struck gold with other artists recording his tunes, and his work has been covered by country hitmakers like Blake Shelton, Randy Travis, Ty Herndon, Montgomery Gentry, and Confederate Railroad.

E189 - Craig Morgan - Country Singer and Outdoorsman

Craig Morgan’s resume is one of the most varied and impressive on earth–soldier, sheriff’s deputy, EMT, adventurer, TV host, motocross racer, outdoorsman, farmer, family man. And then there is the career that ties it all together, a country music artist.

E188 - Charlie Starr from Blackberry Smoke

Charlie is the lead singer, guitarist and songwriter for Blackberry Smoke, a rock band from Atlanta, Georgia. They have performed throughout the United States both as headliner and as the supporting act for artists such as Zac Brown Band, Eric Church, ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd.

E187 - Leah Blevins

Few artists have a voice you can spot from note one. Leah is one of them. Born in Sandy Hook, KY, Blevins discovered her passion for expressing words, stories and life experiences through song at an early age. She has refined her passion for song writing in her sophomore EP, Walk Home (2018). Heavily influenced by church hymns and country and rock legends Emmylou Harris, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Stevie Nicks, and Janis Joplin, Leah’s distinct country, bluesy songwriting and voice differentiates her from the ordinary singer/songwriter in Nashville.

E186 - Randy Montana

Randy is a Country singer and songwriter and son to Billy Montana, who is a bit of a legend in the Nashville area writing big hit sons for Garth Brooks and more. Randy has opened for artists including Lady Antebellum, Grand Ole Opry member Little Big Town, Taylor Swift and Sugarland. We're excite to have him on the podcast to share his experiences of living that lifestyle in Music City!

E185 - The Vegabonds with Daniel Allen & Bryan Harris

The Vegabonds got their start in Alabama in 2009 by playing the college circuit across the Southeastern United States. Their popularity quickly burgeoned with their Southern Rock, Country and earnest songwriting. Daniel is the lead vocalist and songwriter. Bryan is on the drums.

E184 - Travis Denning

Travis Denning is an American country music singer and songwriter. He has charted with the singles "David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs" and "After a Few", the latter of which has reached number one on the United States Country Airplay chart.

E183 - Austin Riley - Professional Baseball Player

Michael Austin Riley is an American professional baseball third baseman and outfielder for the Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball.

E182 - TJ Dillashaw

T.J. Dillashaw is an American mixed martial artist currently signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, in which he is the former two-time UFC Bantamweight Champion.

E181 - Jackie Bushman - Buckmaster

In 1987 Jackie Bushman created the #1 deer hunting magazine in America called Buckmasters BBC Whitetail Magazine. The goal was to promote the positivity of sportsmanship and wildlife conservation within the deer hunting community. From there Jackie has grown into one of the top characters in the hunting industry. Jackie went on to create RACK and GunHunter Magazines. Jackie also opened the doors for TV hunting shows with his Buckmasters tv show which began airing on TNN in 1988. Buckmasters continues on The Outdoor Channel along with "The Jackie Bushman Show".

E180 - Justin Moore

Justin Moore has built a loyal fanbase over the past decade with his traditional Country sound and captivating live shows. Those fans helped boost his fifth studio album, LATE NIGHTS AND LONGNECKS, to the top of the charts. The lead track from the Arkansas native’s LP, “The Ones That Didn’t Make It Back Home,” peaked at No. 1 and marked Moore’s eighth chart-topping single on both Mediabase and Billboard charts.

E179 - Ray Fulcher

Some of Ray's biggest influences were Alan Jackson, Keith Whitley, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Eric Church & George Strait. In 2016 Ray released his EP "Here We Go Again" which debuted in the top 10 of the charts which lead to tours with Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen. Ray has kept busy on the songwriting with collaboration with Luke Combs.

E178 - Heidi Newfield Part 2

Heidi Newfield is an American country music artist. She was lead singer, rhythm guitarist and harmonica player for the group Trick Pony, alongside Keith Burns and Ira Dean from 1996 until 2006, when she left in pursuit of a solo career.

E177 - Jeff Arnett - Jack Daniel's Master Distiller

Arnett went from being an engineer spending his free time as a Tennessee Squire to coming to work at the distillery in 2001, and then becoming the seventh Master Distiller of Jack Daniel’s, a dream come true. Jeff Arnett was named master distiller of the Jack Daniel Distillery in 2008. His supervision of the entire whiskey-making process of milling, yeasting, fermentation, distillation, charcoal mellowing and maturation ensures the world’s top-selling whiskey label is both in constant supply and true to Jack’s guiding belief that “Every day we make it, we’ll make it the best we can.”

E176 - Biff Fighter Pilot

Biff is a Navy Fighter Pilot for the US Navy. Biff talks about some of the different fighters jets like the F18 or the F35. We are thankful for Biff's service and for him taking the time to share some of his experiences as a pilot for the US Navy.

E175 - Tyler Farr

Taste of Country says Tyler Farr is "One of the best male vocalists in Country music today". Tyler has had three No.1 songs to his credit and his first two studio albums debut in the Top 5 on the Billboard 200 Chart. Tyler has teamed up with good friend and producer Jason Aldean to work on new music.

E174 - Channing Wilson

Channing’s songs have been recorded by artists like Tyler Farr, Luke Combs, Jason Eady, and more. He has shared bills with so many of his heroes such as Billy Joe Shaver, Steve Earle, Robert Earl Keen, Tony Joe White, Chris Knight, Dale Watson, and many more including going out on the 2012 Country Throwdown Tour. He has just recently signed a artist/publishing agreement with Warner Chappell and Low Country Sound (Grammy award winning producer Dave Cobb)

E173 - Cody Cannon of Whiskey Myers

Cody is the lead singer and guitarist of Whiskey Myers. The band’s roots stretch back decades into the red dirt of East Texas, where Cannon, Jeffers and Tate first began playing together. The band earned their first no. 1 on the Texas Music Charts with the 2011 follow-up Firewater. Their music has changed over time but hasn't dialed down their Southern Rock rowdiness.

E172 - Rob Snyder - Singer-Songwriter

Nashville singer-songwriter Rob Snyder launched Revival–a showcase of Nashville’s rising talent–at the Tin Roof in 2013. He’s dubbed the weekly show “Tuesday Night Church,” since its stage is a church pew. Rob's co-wrote a 4-week #1 smash for Luke Combs called "She's Got the Best of Me".

E171 - Chad Payne

Chad Payne has been the head of security for Zac Brown Band and Southern Ground companies for many years. Chad is an avid hunter and fisherman and is the type of person you'd want to share the duck blind with.

E170 - Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald is a singer-songwriter from Huntsville, Alabama. He lives in Nashville, Tennessee and placed 8th on the 10th season of American Idol.

E169 - David Andrews - New England Patriots

David Andrews is an American football center for the New England Patriots of the National Football League.

E168 - Forrest Griffin - UFC Hall of Famer

Forrest Griffin is an American retired mixed martial artist and a UFC Hall of Famer.

E167 - Kyle Daniel

Following the recent release of his self-titled debut EP, Singer-songwriter, Kyle Daniel has been named one of Rolling Stone Country’s “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know”.

E166 - Eva Shockey

Eva Shockey is an author, a top TV personality, a rising social media star, a lifestyle blogger, an acclaimed bow hunter, a conservationist and a brand ambassador.

E165 - Jedd Gyorko

Jedd Gyorko is an American professional baseball third baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers of Major League Baseball.

E164 - Eric Sheller & Rob Phillips - Nutrien Ag Solutions

Eric Sheller and Rob Phillips work for Nutrien AG Solutions which supports farmers with products that help achieve the highest yields with the most sustainable solutions possible. The story of Nutrien is fascinating and their business culture and advance technology show why they are the world's largest provider of crop inputs and services.

E163 - Tim Montana & Billy Gibbons

Billy Gibbons of ZZ Tops and Tim Montana singer and songwriter join Chad via Zoom to talk about everything from the music industry, some history on ZZ Tops, some of Billy's song writing, and where you can find the best BBQ in the United States. Tim and Billy share the story behind starting up their hot sauce called Beez & Teez Whisker Bomb Pepper Sauce. You need to check it out it's got amazing taste! This episode is brought to you by Traeger Grills.

E162 - Lennie Foree - Bad Boy Mowers

Lennie Foree is the Marketing Director of Bad Boy Mowers built out of Arkansas USA. These zero turn mowers have built a reputation for being tough, powerful and durable. They get the job done and visually they look bad to the bone! Chad and Lennie talk about the industry and the company roots in the outdoors of Arkansas.

E161 - Jon Pardi

Jon Pardi is an American country music singer, songwriter and record producer. Jon’s Platinum-certified album California Sunrise debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart which earned him CMA New Artist Of The Year and ACM New Male Vocalist Of The Year. Pardi dominated the top of the country music charts with consecutive #1 hits including “Dirt On My Boots”k, “Head Over Boots”, “Heartache On The Dance Floor” and more. Jon shares his experiences from his past working his way up in the music industry and stories from working with the likes of Garth Brooks and more. This episode is brought to you by Jack Daniels.

E160 - Riley Green - Country Music Singer

Born in Jacksonville, Alabama, Riley Green was raised on the sounds of traditional country, bluegrass, and southern gospel music. His #1 hit song "There was this girl" launched his career into the spotlight and he has not stopped delivering. Riley shares stories of writing some of his past songs and talks about his passion for being outdoors fishing and hunting.

E159 - Randy Couture - UFC World Champion and Hall of Famer

Randy Couture has built his reputation as one of the greatest and most decorated MMA fighters in the world. A high school wrestling state champion, U.S. Army soldier, three-time NCAA All-American, international Greco-Roman competitor and six-time UFC World Champion and Hall of Famer, Randy Couture is a true icon in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and the (UFC). In addition to his stellar standing in combat sports, Randy is also a successful businessman, actor and best-selling author. Couture has his own chain of gyms, Xtreme Couture MMA, and a clothing line, Xtreme Couture Clothing. He also founded and runs the Xtreme Couture GI Foundation, which raises awareness and financially supports wounded veterans. Randy shares with us some stories behind his MMA career and his business ventures.

E158 - Heidi Newfield

A good-timing, honky-tonkin’, band-leading, song-writing, love-song-singing, blues-harp-blowing, tradition-nurturing, genre-busting, crowd-carrying, full-hearted flag bearer for all that’s true about music. Music fans know Heidi for fronting Trick Pony, which pack houses nationwide, and won numerous awards. Today, Heidi is continuing her creativity with her solo career and putting out great music in her distinctive voice.

E157 - David Taylor - World Champion Freestyle Wrestler

David taylor is an American world champion freestyle wrestler and former folkstyle wrestler. WIN magazine twice awarded Taylor the Dan Hodge Trophy as the most outstanding folkstyle wrestler in college wrestling.

E156 - Brent Metcalf - American Wrestling Champion

Brent Metcalf was a two-time NCAA wrestling champion, and a two-time Big 10 champion for the University of Iowa at 149 pounds with a career college record of 109-3. Brent was also a member of the U.S. freestyle World Championship teams with two national event wins. Brent was inducted into the National Wrestling Hall-of-Fame. Brent talks about his path into the wrestling world and some of his experiences competing at the elite level. The guys also talk how MMA and the UFC have influenced the path of young wrestlers. This episode is brought to you by Mtn Ops

E155 - Jeremy Andrus CEO Traeger Grills

Jeremy Andrus is the President & CEO and Board Member of Traeger Grills. His story of how he became involved with Traeger is interesting and tumultuous but with a bit of luck and great leadership he quickly turned things around and capitalized on what every backyard cooker already knew, that Traeger wood-fire grills are amazing and creates delicious BBQ meals! We're excited to have Jeremy on the podcast and to learn more about his story and the story of Traeger Grills.

E154 - Travis 'T-Bone' Turner - Bone Collector

Travis 'T-Bone' Turner is a world-renowned hunter and one of the most revered archers in the world. Over the past thirty years, he has won many state championship titles in addition to winning the 1991 ASA World Championship, earning his distinction as an ASA Pro shooter. Travis is a co-host of Bone Collector hunting TV show and part of the Realtree hunt team. Travis is one-of-kind This episode is brought to you by Jack Daniels.

E153 - Nick Mundt - Bone Collector & Conservation

A native of Spearfish, South Dakota, licensed hunting guide in Wyoming for 15 years, Realtree cameraman for 9 years, Bone Collector co-host, and a barber by trade, Nick Mundt has lived, breathed, and loved hunting since he was a young boy. Nick shares stories how he got started with Michael Waddell and Bone Collector. The guys also talk about how hunters play a vital in wildlife conservation.

E152 - Michael Waddell - Bone Collector

Michael Waddell created the wildly popular Bone Collector hunting TV show with the help of his co-hosts Nick Mundt and T-Bone. Michael's talents as a host, hunter and businessman has built his name as one of the most recognizable in the hunt industry, but he's one of the most humbled guys you'll ever talk to. Michael and Chad talk about wild-game cooking, hunting turkeys and how the Corona Virus is effecting their operations. This episode is brought to you by Realtree Camo

E151 - Joe Maguire - Former Acting Director of the United States National Intelligence

Joseph Maguire is the former Director of the National Counterterrorism Center and former acting Director of National Intelligence. He retired from the United States Navy as a Vice Admiral in 2010 after 36 years of military service. He is humble about his accomplishments but he continues to give back to the military with his work with the Special Operations Warrior Foundation. Check it out here:

E150 - Jeremy Popoff

Jeremy Popoff is a singer-songwriter and guitarist for the hit band Lit. Jeremy talks about some of his musical influences, growing up in SoCal and stories forming the band Lit. This podcast episode is brought to you by Jack Daniels.

E149 - Alley Beck Stanley - Wildlife Artist

Alley Beck is an amazing artist who mixes her passion for the outdoors, wildlife and fly fishing into beautiful works of art. She talk about the challenges of getting the right look of the wildlife. You can find some of her wildlife paintings on instagram at @alleybeckstanley. This episode is brought to you by Jack Daniels.

E148 - Urijah Faber

Urijah Faber has taken his work ethic from the gym to business and has created a strong brand with his Ultimate Fitness Gym in Sacramento, his Team Alpha Fight Team, real estate, clothing, his movie appearances, and the list goes on. Urijah joins us on this podcast, on the go, of course to talk about the fight game, quarantine life and other interesting topics you won't want to miss. This episode is brought to you by Gerber Gear and Bad Boy Mowers.

E147 - Stetson Blaylock - Bassmaster Angler

2020 is Stetson Blaylock's fourth year on the Bassmaster Elite Series. He won the 2019 Elite Series tournament on Winyah Bay. Blaylock fished his first year on the Bassmaster Elite Series in 2017 after a successful 10 years on the FLW Tour. He qualified for the Elite Series via a second-place finish in the Southern Opens points race after notching three Top 15's that year.

E146 - Leith Loftin - Nashville Singer-Songwriter

Leith Loftin released his new album Taking On Water. Find it on itunes, amazon or where ever you get your music. Chad and Leith talk about the stories behind some of his songs and he treats us as he plays a few of our favorite tunes from his house studio in Music City, Nashville. This podcast is brought to you by Gerber Knives and Whiskey Jam.

E145 - Chip & Ben with Safari Club International

Safari Club International is a U.S. based organization with more than 50,000 hunters dedicated to protecting the right to hunt and to promote wildlife conservation worldwide. Chip Hunnicutt and Ben Cassidy both work for SCI and reveal how the organization fights for all hunter rights with the U.S. Congress, state legislatures and wildlife commissions in Canada, European Union and elsewhere internationally.

E144 - Adam Hood - Singer-Songwriter

For more than a decade, Adam Hood has left his mark both onstage and in the writing room, carving out a southern sound that mixes equal parts country, soul and American roots music. Adam shares some stories from his musical past writing songs and performing on stage.

E143 - Bryan McGehee - Gatr Coolers Louisiana

Bryan is co-founder of Gatr Coolers out of Louisiana. This innovated company is making some of the best coolers on the market. Gatr Coolers has developed a loyal fan base with their durability and top rated heat/cool retention that can keep ice for many days, all for a very reasonable price . Bryan is a business entrepreneur with a passion for the outdoors and hunting which is a big influence into the core of Gatr Coolers.

E142 - Chad Mendes - MMA Fighter & Outdoorsman

Chad Mendes is a retired professional mixed martial artist who had a successful career in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Chad talks about his fight with Conor McGregor and other past fights. Chad is now pursuing his passion of hunting and fishing. With his good friend Mike Pappa, they started Finz & Featherz, a hunting and fishing guide service. Their goal is to create unforgettable adventures. They guide all sorts of hunts and fishing styles. They helicopter hog hunts in Texas or wild pig hunt in California, gator hunts in Florida, San Diego Tuna trips, big game hunts all across the country and fishing and pheasant hunting along the Sacramento River and Feather River.

E141 - Charlotte Leigh - Singer/Songwriter Nashville

Charlotte Leigh has a beautiful voice and with her sultry sound and ability to write moving songs you'll see why she is a hot up and coming Nashville star. Charlotte just released her new single "Coffee Black". Charlotte grew up in Arkansas and but moved to Nashville to pursue music and her calling. Chad and Charlotte talk about everything from country music in Nashville, how they are getting through this pandemic and writing songs.

E140 - Drake White - Nashville Country Singer / Songwriter

Drake White is an Nashville country singer / songwriter. Drake, just released his new album Stars, which you'll want to check out. Drake talks a bit about freestyling and how artist like Eminem, John Prime, Busta Rhymes, Bob Dylan and more have a special ability to make words flow. Drake talks about his brain injury and how his wife Alex has helped him battle back to recovery and now he's finding his way back doing what he loves with his campfire style music and his connection with the outdoors.

E139 - Brett Cannon - Southern Florida Fishing & Hunting

Brett is a South Florida Outdoorsman who lives a hunter lifestyle. He hunts all over the country from whitetails in the midwest, gators in southern swamps, wild turkeys in Florida. Brett is also an accomplished fishermen with a billfish world record for catching and releasing all 9 billfish species of the world in just 26 days. Brett shares some of his amazing stories hunting and fishing including some close calls with sharks.

E138 - Dan Henderson - MMA Champion

Dan 'H-Bomb' Henderson is a retired American mixed martial artist and Olympic wrestler. Dan had a successful career in the UFC and Pride arena and has earned one of the most recognizable names in the industry. Dan now has his own gym creating new champions in the world of Mixed Martial Arts in Temecula California. Chad and Dan talk about the current MMA industry and the new fighters in the spotlight.

E137 - Chad Ward - Whiskey Bent BBQ & Traeger Grills

Chad Ward owns and operates Whiskey Bent BBQ as well as heads up the BBQ Team Marketing for Traeger Grills. Chad and Chad discuss the explosion of Traeger, dive into some recipes, touch on the benefits in a good dry rub, and get into what is happening with Traeger Nation currently. It’s an awesome episode and we hope you enjoy it! This episode was brought to you by Traeger Grills and Jack Daniels U.S.A.

E136 - Tyler Stark - Traeger Grills

Tyler Stark is Director of Marketing at Traeger Grills. The culture at Traeger is second to none and it keeps growing! Tyler has accomplished a lot in a short time with his efforts mixed with those of his team and it is no doubt that Traeger is sweeping across the nation. They are the best backyard grilling units ever with their design and build, and when you mix that with genius marketing, you get results. This episode is brought to you by Traeger Grills and Busch Brand Beer!

E135 - Mitch Petrie - Outdoor Channel

Mitch is Vice President of Programming for the Outdoor Channel Network. Mitch is perfect for this position with his experience in marketing and being an accomplished hunter and fisherman. Chad and Mitch record this one in their separate studios to discuss how the Coronavirus is affecting the hunting tv industry and hunters in-general. The guys get into the shows they are watching like Tiger King, McMillions, Making a Murder and more.

E134 - Brent Cobb - Country music singer-songwriter

Brent Cobb has released a new song entitled...The World Is Ending and although it was written almost a decade ago, there has never been a more relevant time to hear this masterpiece. Brent joins Chad from a dirt road in Georgia to discuss the current state of life and music and business and friends and everything else that goes into this crazy thing we call....The World! We hope you enjoy this awesome episode and it was brought to you by Busch Beer and Gerber Gear and Knives!

E133 - Charlie Blackmon - Professional Baseball Player

This Spring Training Ain’t For Everybody!! That’s for sure! As the players learn that Spring Training has been cancelled and they become stuck in limbo due to The Coronavirus. The 2019 National League All-Star and Colorado Rockies starting Right Fielder Charlie Blackmon sits down in Chad’s Arizona studio to discuss baseball and how special of a sport it truly is! John Cary joins the conversation again and the guys get into Charlies’ story and his daily approach to a game that is so hard to stay successful at and then jump into how John’s fogging career parallels Charlie’s career! It is an authentic discussion where we learn what has made Chuck Nasty such a force to be reckon with on the baseball field! This episode is brought to you by RIGID INDUSTRIES and Gerber Knives!

E132 - Caleb Ferguson & Will Smith - Los Angeles Dodgers

Chad continues his Spring Training Podcast Season as he is joined by Caleb Ferguson and Will Smith of the Los Angeles Dodgers. John Cary, professional fighter also joins in on the conversation and the four of them weave in and out of the disciplines needed to become a professional baseball player, just how good of athletes are baseball players, little things that they both work on daily to better themselves. And if intimidation ever plays a roll! These two are the future of the Los Angeles Dodgers and they are proud to carry that torch! This episode is brought to you by Badge Caps and Bodyguard Bumpers!

E131 - Caleb Ferguson - Professional Baseball Pitcher

Chad is joined at his studio in Scottsdale, Arizona by Major League Baseball player Caleb Ferguson and good friend John Cary. Caleb is a standout left handed pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has a 97 mph fastball and an insane slider! He is projected to be a big part of the Dodger’s 2020 Championship run! Chad goes in-depth with Celeb in regards to his mental approach, getting to the big leagues, staying in the big leagues, and the road that Caleb endured to get to where he is! It’s a bad ass story and one that we are proud to bring you! This episode is brought to you by Gerber Knives and Jack Link’s Protein Snacks!

E130 - Kelly Perotti - ATOS Reno Jiu Jitsu

THIS LIFE AIN’T FOR EVERYBODY FOGHT WEEK continues as Chad is joined by Kelley Perotti! Kelley is a Two Time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion and the owner of ATOS RENO JIU JITSU. She discusses her current business model with Chad as well as gets in depth about her training regimen as her next tournament nears! The meat of the discussion is wrapped around how beneficial Jiu Jitsu is for newbies in regards to self defense, confidence, getting in shape, becoming more flexible, etc. Kelley is on a mission and we are ready to help her fight the good fight in getting her message out there that Jiu Jitsu is for EVERYBODY! This episode is brought to you by OAKLEY Eyewear and Banded Brands!

E129 - Joey Gilbert - Fight Week

This Life Ain't For Everybody Podcast Fight Week continues as Chad is joined in studio by one of his good friends and former guests Joey Gilbert! Joey is an attorney and a very successful one at that, but first and foremost, Joey Gilbert is a boxer, a fighter, a champion, and an authority on the fight game! Joey tried to school Chad with his opinions on current match ups, fights that just went down like the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury, and the future of MMA and boxing. Chad tried to keep up but he pretty much shuts up and listens and Joey rains down knowledge with lefts and rights and a few upper cuts, and maybe one or two cheap shots. Chad is resilient though and takes them on the chin as he begins to fire back some! This won’t be the last time Joey is in our studio and we will have more news on that soon! This episode is brought to you by Benelli USA and Federal Premium Ammunition.

E128 - Scott Schellin - Combat Sports Talk

Chad is joined in studio again by Scott Schellin. Scott is a successful business man in the insurance field but he is also an authority in combat sports including college boxing, professional boxing, and mixed martial arts. Scott brings his A Game in a discussion that proves to be full of fight knowledge and opinions. The conversation touches on the Wilder-Fury 2 fights McGregor, Kabib, Mike Tyson, jon Jones, and the trailblazers like Liddell and Hughes and GSP. Chad and Scott are even joined by Dan ‘Hendo’ Henderson via phone and he weighs in on some of the current state of affairs in the fight game! It is an entertaining episode and one that is sure to bring Scott back for more soon! This episode is brought to you by Vortex Optics and Gerber Knives!

E127 - Matt Pendola - Finding your Edge & Mental Approach of Success Part 3

Chad and Matt sit down to continue their on-going discussion of different approaches and ideologies when it comes to training, not just your body, but your mind as well. Transparency has been key thus far and that theme continues as the guys dig into areas that people often only talk to themselves about. We were thinking this would be a three part series but as we neared the end of part 3, it became apparent that these topics would need more of our time. So then....maybe a part 4 is around the corner! This episode is brought to you by Gerber Knives and MTN OPS!

E126 - Matt Pendola - Finding your Edge & Mental Approach of Success Part 2

Matt is back in studio with Chad to really get deep in the weeds regarding the mental approach of fitness, vanity, making life changes, setting goals and following through. It’s a must listen for all of those who are facing these choices on how do I get better?! Chad and Matt don’t have all of the answers but they go in depth in several areas that will provide help to anyone looking to start down this path of change! This episode is brought to you by Pendola Training and Dick Cepek Tires & Wheels!

E125 - Matt Pendola - Finding your Edge & Mental Approach of Success Part 1

Chad is joined in studio by Matt Pendola. You all know Matt from his previous appearances and he is back to discuss a new selection of topics. Matt who currently hosts his own podcast called The Pendola Project goes into depth about his training methods, ways to approach training and fitness mentally, nutrition, and last but not least, Chad and Matt discuss how part of their story was just told in a very strong article in Muscle and Fitness! Part two and three will be following soon but do yourself a favor and get going on becoming a better version of yourself daily! This episode is brought to you by MTN OPS and Jack Link’s Protein Snacks.

E124 - Kevin Brooks -Kentucky Entrepreneur & Philanthropy

If you ever get a chance to meet Kevin Brooks, you'd see why we think he is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Kevin has great stories growing up in Kentucky, knowing the history of the Kentucky coal Mines, making moonshine and its ties to Nascar Racing, bluegrass music and the Kentucky Derby. Kevin's skills in wood working and love of music got him into building custom mandolin guitars and even some of those guitars were played in the Grand Old Opry! In business Kevin has done very well in his lumber and construction business, Future Designs and Ground Auger, a company that has patent a revolutionary corkscrew auger pole design that has applications in gardening, fishing and hunting products. Beyond Kevin's entrepreneurial spirit his philanthropy work to help the communities in Kentucky just goes to show you what kind of person Kevin is. We hope you enjoy and we look forward to part 2 of our conversation with Kevin. Check out his products at

E123 - Bill Konway - Outdoor Photographer

Bill Konway is a professional outdoor, hunting, fishing, lifestyle, documentary and product photographer. Bill has been a staff photographer and photo editor for Realtree for a number of years. His skill with the camera and keen eye for creating dynamic imagery has earn him the reputation as being one of the top photographers in the Outdoor / Hunting World.

E122 - Bobby Pinson Singer/Songwriter

We’re at the NWTF convention in Nashville, TN and got a chance to talk with the one and only Bobby Pinson. Bobby has had 13 songs go number one on the music charts, 40 songs in the top 5, a grammy nomination, Songwriter of the year in 2009, and the list goes on! Bobby shares stories writing songs with artist like Eric Church, Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, Jake Owen, Leith Loftin, Dierks Bentley and others. Bobby also talks about learning the craft of songwriting and always having your antennas up observing to buildup your songwriting toolset. Bobby and Chad also talk about going back to the old country music when it was focused on the lyric.

E121 - Barrett Hobbs - Nashville Bar & Restaurant Owner

Barrett Hobbs was born in Nashville, TN and his son is 5th generation Nashville. With his deep roots in the area Barrett created the Cumberland Hospitality Group which manages a number of popular downtown Nashville and Gaylord/Music Valley bars and restaurants, including; Whiskey Bent Saloon, Bootleggers Inn, Doc Holiday’s Saloon, Nashville Palace, Scoreboard, John A’s and more. The group also creates and oversees some of Nashville’s biggest outdoor festivals.Chad and Barrett talk about country music industry and how Barrett is in the Honky-tonk Business. His Grand Father started the Nashville Palace in 1977 and was and is a place for Nashville artist to develop and get discovered. He recalls artist like Randy Travis, Ricky Van Shelton, Alan Jackson and Lorrie Morgan getting their start there. Barrett also recalls one of his special experiences was working with Dean Dillion, singer/songwriter.

E120 - Tyler Jordan with Realtree

Tyler Jordan is the host of Realtree Outdoors on The Outdoor Channel and Realtree365 and Realtree Spring Thunder. Tyler grew up in arguable one of the most recognizable hunting families, son to Bill Jordan who started Realtree. The guys get into conservation, hunting, and working to develop and perfect new camouflage patterns. This podcast was recorded during the NWTF convention in Nashville, Tn.

E119 - Andy Griggs & Travis T-Bone Turner

Andy Griggs is an American country music artist who’s had numerous country hits on the Billboard charts. Andy talks about growing up in a musical family but it wasn’t until the passing of his brother and in his grieving he picked up a guitar and got into the country music world. Andy recalls one of his favorite moments in his career was his singing a Shine on Me duet with Waylon Jennings. Andy played a few songs during the podcast, You Won’t Ever Be Lonely, She’s More, D’em Boyz, Rambling Man and Outlaw Women. T-bone from team Realtree and co-host of Bone Collector joins the conversation late but jumps right in talking country music and the shared passion for hunting and the outdoors. According to Andy if you play a G-note on a guitar near a bees nest you’ll find yourself running from a pack of angry bees.

E118 - Troy Link & Jack Link's Jerky

We’re at Honey Brake Lodge in Louisiana hunting with Troy Link, owner of Jack Link’s Jerky. Troy talks about his long family heritage and generational knowledge in the meat industry and how their humble family run business has grown to the most recognized meat snack in the world. It’s truly an American success story and Troy attributes the success to the Jack Link’s work culture and his “Team” of talented workers that has helped get the company to where it is.

E117 - Michael Waddell

Founder and host of the wildly successful Bone Collector TV series and Realtree Road Trips, Michael Waddell brings positivity and fun into his filmed hunts which has earned him the reputation as being one of the best TV show host in TV and for sure in the hunting industry. Michaels success was due, no doubt, to his upbringing and how his father taught him the value of working hard and staying humble. In this podcast Waddell shares stories from his roots growing up in rural Georgia, his influences and how his competitive turkey calling helped him get connected with Realtree which then eventually launch his career in the hunting world.

E116 - Jim Shockey

Everyone knows Jim as the professional big game hunter but how about Jim the competitive waterpolo athlete or singer/songwriter? We got a chance to sit down and have a conversation with the legendary Jim Shockey at the SCI convention in Reno, NV. Jim shared stories from his past hunts and tense moments he encounter while in dangerous parts of the world. Plus, we get into the current state of politics in both the US and Canada for gun and hunting rights. However, with characters like Ted Nugent, Joe Rogan, Cameron Hanes, Lee and Tiffany, Steve Rinella and others hunting advocates the message is spreading into the mainstream on preserving the hunting lifestyle. Jim doesn’t seem to be slowing down as he talks about his current endeavors with his Rogue River Outfitting business in the Yukon, starting up a new tv show called Shock Therapy (“starting soon on The Outdoor Channel”) and his Hand of Man Museum on Vancouver Island, which has rooms full of interesting cultural and natural artifacts, a 16-foot Woolly Mammoth, and a world-class library of natural history and exploration from around the world. This episode is brought to you by Be sure to check out The Annual Jim Shockey Classic Military Tribute event March 22-23, 2020.

E115 - Chase Outlaw - Professional Bull Rider

Most would say making your profession out of riding bulls is crazy and you'd be correct. However, it would seem Chase Outlaw was predestined to live that cowboy life. He was riding calves at 4 and was only 10 when he rode his first bull, so it came with little surprise when Outlaw won the third PBR event. Chase has battled back from serious injuries but keeps coming back to the sport he loves. We get a chance to hear from him how he balances family and his career in what is considered “The most dangerous eight seconds in sports”.

E114 - Ben Ratliff Tour Manager

Ben Ratliff gives us a break down on life as a Tour Manager in Nashville. Ben talks about how his job works and how he and the band members become family as they travel and tour. Ben has represented various Nashville country music artist including currently Brent Cobb.

E113 - Kelli and Grant Mallicote of BodyGuard Bumpers

Chad visits Kelli and Grant Mallicote of Bodyguard Bumpers in Paris Texas. We learn the inspiring entrepreneur story from them building something out of necessity and developing it into one of the top truck accessories companies in the United States. Check them out at

E112 - Brent Cobb - Singer-songwriter

Brent Cobb is one of, if not the best songwriter, in the industry right now. We get to learn a bit of Brent's backstory growing up in the South, his influences and experiences to become a Grammy-nominated artist and filling concert venues across the country.

E111 - Hailey Whitters - Nashville Singer-songwriter

Hailey Whitters is a emerging country singer-songwriter. Hailey talks about her roots from from Iowa and moving to Nashville to follow her dream of becoming a country singer.

E110 - Brian Moore - Navy Fighter Pilot Part 4

Brian sits down for the fourth installment of his conversation with Chad. They finish his years as a fighter Pilot on missions and get into his new career as a commercial pilot. Chad has a lot of interest in air travel and different aircrafts. So the topics are diverse and the questions cover things that everyday travelers would want to learn. Brian has a story that inspires us all and we are so proud of his time spent in the This Life Ain’t For Everybody Studio. This episode is brought to you by our friends at Whiskey Jam and Nutrien Ag Solutions!

E109 - Brian Moore - Navy Fighter Pilot Part 3

Brian Moore and Canada continue their conversation on Brian’s Military career as an American Fighter Pilot. They touch on his move to Germany and his beginning of missions in Iraq. They get to his stories missions in which he received medals and awards for. His story continues to amaze Chad and we hope that you enjoy the episode. We are proud to be partnered with Nutrien Ag Solutions and LEER Toppers.

E108 - Brian Moore - Navy Fighter Pilot Part 2

Brian Moore is a U.S. Military Fighter Pilot. In part two, he discusses the beginning stages of of his military career with Chad. Brian starts in Korea and then heads to Germany and then to Iraq. His approach to his career and life are spot on and Chad digs deep to see what makes Brian click.Today’s episode is brought to you by LEER Camper Shells and DECKED Storage Systems.

E107 - Rachael Moore - US Air Force Fighter Pilot

Rachael Moore is a United States Air Force Fighter Pilot. She has operated F-16 fighter jets her entire career and she sits down with Chad to discuss what it meant to become a female Fighter Pilot, how she met her husband who is also a fighter pilot, and how the urge to get back in the cockpit is still on the front of her brain. This episode is brought to you by Jack Link’s Meat Snacks and Traeger Grills.

E106 - Brandon Schreiber - Hunting & Fishing Guide in Saskatchewan

Brandon Schreiber has always lived out in the country; the woods are his backyard. He started hunting at a young age with his father, who taught him the ethics and hard work it takes to become a successful outdoorsman. At the age of 18, Brandon started a career of guiding that soon evolved into the ownership and operation of hunting and fishing camps Cree Lake Lodge and Buck Country Outfitters.

E105 - Leith Loftin - Singer/Songwriter

Chad and Leith talk about the state of the Country Music industry. Leith talks about his experiences as a singer/songwriter in Nashville and getting work with some of the best in the industry. Plus, Leith play's a few of our favorite songs you don't want to miss.

E104 - Brian Moore - Navy Fighter Pilot

Brian Moore is a decorated United States Air Force and Navy Fighter Pilot. He sits down with Chad to discuss his fascination with airplanes and how it all got started at a young age. They build into the discussion and get into Brian’s early days as a pilot. This is just Part One of his saga and you can plan on seeing Part 2,3, and 4 coming soon. He is a true hero and it is humbling to have him on This Life Ain’t For Everybody. This episode is brought to you by Rigid Industries and Dick Cepek Tires. Enjoy!

E103 - Dan Henderson UFC / Pride Fighter Plans For the Future

Hendo is a world class Fighter but more importantly, a world class person. On this episode of the podcast, Hendo sits down with Chad to discuss his new business endeavors in California that consist of the restaurant and bar sectors, Seven Bells Brewery. His plans are legit and all of it sounds like it’s going to be one wild ride for Hendo and his team! We will be at the Grand Opening but until then, sit back and listen to what he has laid out for Dan Henderson Enterprises! Today’s episode is brought to you by MOJO Outdoors and Federal Premium Ammunition.

E102 - Matt Mills - Ophthalmologists

Matt talks to us about what is vision and how it effects your performance. He explains how human vision differs from animals and how you can improve your vision.

E101 - Chad Updates & What's Next

Chad recaps some of his recent past episodes with Chad Ward with Treager Grills, Matt Mangano with Zach Brown Band, Michael Hunsucker with Heartland Bowhunter, George Brett baseball legend and MMA champion Ryan Bader. Chad also announces launching The Fowl Life podcast which will focus on Waterfowl hunting, giving great hunting tips and stories from chasing the waterfowl migration.

E100 - Ryan Bader - Mixed Martial Artist

Ryan DuWayne Bader is an American mixed martial artist. He is currently signed with Bellator MMA, where he is champion in both the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight divisions.

E99 - Game Fair - Hunting Dogs, Nutrition & Training

Eukanuba Sporting Dog invites "This Life Ain’t For Everybody" crew to Minnesota to go live at Game Fair! The audience was great, the panel was strong, the background noise was almost too much, but we got ‘er done! Sit back and enjoy the talk on hunting dogs, nutrition, training and why a dog is truly Man’s or Women’s best friend! This episode is brought to you by Eukanuba Brand Dog Food!

E98 - George Brett - Legendary Baseball Hall of Fame Member

Growing up, baseball meant everything to Chad and his brothers. They all played for the Royals in Little League and all three of them idolized Number 5 of the Major Leagues Kansas City Royals, the one and only George Brett! Funny how things worked out but now they get to call him a friend. George sits down with Chad to discuss everything from his youth to being drafted by the Royals to his monumental 21 year career with the same team to the Pine Tar Incident to the World Series Championship to his three batting titles in three different decades and much much more! This is a humbling conversation and we hope you enjoy it! This episode of the podcast is brought to you by Realtree Outdoors, Banded Brands, and Benelli Shotguns!

E97 - Michael Hunsucker - Founder and Host of Heartland Bowhunter

Michael Hunsucker is the Co-Founder and Host of the popular outdoor television series Heartland Bowhunter. At a young age, he is already a veteran in the outdoor industry as he continues to strive for excellence. He sits down with Chad in his hometown of Kansas City to discuss his humble beginnings, his ideas for this national brand, where the industry is and where we are headed, as well as some secret ingredients to his success. You can find Heartland Bowhunter on The Outdoor Channel and you can follow them on IG and Facebook! This episode is brought to you by Outdoor Channel, My Outdoor TV, and Realtree Brand Camo.

E96 - Chad Ward - Traeger BBQ Pitmaster

Chad Ward is a seasoned professional BBQ pitmaster. He's co-founder of Whiskey Bent BBQ and is on Traeger Grills BBQ Pro Team. The 2 Chad's talk about everything from music, cooking, sports and their different lifestyles. This episode is brought to you by Traeger Grills and Whiskey Bent BBQ.

E95 - Matt Mangano - Music Man

Matt Mangano is the Bass Guitar player for the popular Zac Brown Band. He is well versed in all genres and disciplines of music and his ride has been special. Matt sits down with Chad at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado during their stop of the 2019 Owl Tour! It was a sold out performance of 41,000 fans and you can hear the excitement in both Chad and Matt’s voices as they break it down before ZBB took the stage! Enjoy! This episode is brought to you by DemerBox, MOJO Outdoors, and Banded Brands!

E94 - Fred Eichler - The Most Interesting Bowhunter In The World

Fred Eichler's passion for bowhunting has taken him all over the world in pursuit of his next adventure. Fred truly believes that any animal with a bow is a trophy. His personal quest to complete the North American Super Slam with a recurve bow reflects that state of mind. Fred hosts the Easton Bowhunting and Predator Nation TV shows. Along with his family, Fred also operates Full Draw Outfitters out of Colorado where they have guided hundreds of hunters on exciting trips for Elk, Mule deer, Whitetail deer, Antelope, Mountain Lion, Bear and Turkey.

E93 - American Hunting Lease Association Podcast with Chad Belding as guest

Sean and Joel host The American Hunting Podcast, a podcast committed to serving the hunting lease industry and educating their listeners the landowner/hunter relationship and more. Be sure to check out their podcast. Sean and Joel is joined by Chad Belding to talk waterfowl hunting and his experience getting started in the industry. American Hunting Lease Association:

E92 - John LoMonaco - A Hunting Lifetime & Passions Continued

We reconnect with John in Montana to visit and talk about his passion for hunting. John has over 70+ years of water fowling, wing shooting, and big game hunting experiences across the globe. The way John describes his hunts and the game he pursues you’ll tell where his passion is. He has written two fantastic books, “A Hunting Lifetime” and Passions Continued” available on Amazon.

E91 - Do You Even Know What You’ve Done Chris?

Chad tried to get the emotional side of Chris going by discussing how much pride he should have in these duck call designs. How excited he should be and how happy he actually is to be the co-founder of JARGON Game Calls. Chris is a master duck call designer and machinist and an accomplished duck hunter. JARGON is broken down as a brand and a company and now is positioned for growth. Today’s episode is brought to you by the 2019 North American Whitetail Championship, JARGON Game Calls, and MOJO Outdoors.

E90 - What Do You Love About The Hunt with Chris Cifreo

Chris and Chad share their thoughts in regards to the hunt. How JARGON plays a role now in each of their hunts. What duck hunting and duck camp mean to each of them. There are no words that can actually describe what Mallard ducks mean to these guys but they do their best to try and explain their stance. Today’s episode is brought to you by the 2019 North American Whitetail Championship, JARGON Game Calls, and BENELLI Shotguns.

E89 - Which Duck Call Do I Choose

Chris Cifreo is back in studio to discuss his thoughts on choosing your call, and what goes through the Duck Hunter’s mind when it comes to taking the next step in his or her calling career. Chad leads Chris through a maze of questions that might be asked by a potential duck call consumer. This episode is brought to you by the 2019 North American Whitetail Championship, JARGON Game Calls, and Elk Ridge Knives.

E88 - Chris Cifreo - Duck Call Designer Jargon Game Calls

Chris Cifreo, Co-Founder of JARGON Game Calls sits down with Chad to discuss the duck call models offered at They break down the calls and the call parts that Chris himself has masterminded and designed. The excitement for the new calls is evident as the guys share their theories on calling the wild mallard duck. This episode is brought to you by the 2019 North American Whitetail Championship, Jargon Game Calls, and Elk Ridge Knives.

E87 - Clay Guida, Chad Mendes & Pappa - Finz & Featherz - Gillz & Thrillz

Clay Guida and Chad Mendes are UFC superstars! They are also true outdoorsmen who both share a burning passion for hunting, fishing, and eating wild! They both sit down with Chad at Urijah Faber’s Ultimate Fitness to discuss Clay’s upcoming fight, Mendes’ retirement from the octagon, and their outfitting and entertainment brands and businesses! Join us for some insight on the fight game, announcements in the outdoor world. And of course lots of laughs! Today’s episode is brought to you by the 2019 North American Whitetail Championship and Elk Ridge Knives!

E86 - Urijah Faber - Back in the Game

Urijah Faber has had a standout career in the UFC, but its tough to stay away when its your passion. We got a chance to sit down with the busy Urijah between workouts and on daddy duty to talk about his return to professional fighting, the UFC and the players involved and life as a new dad.

E85 - Tyler Farr - Country Music Singer and Songwriter

E85 - Tyler Farr - Country Music Singer and Songwriter by Chad Belding

E84 - Clay Charlton - Take-Em Outfitters Alberta Canada

Clay has put thousands of hunters on bucket list hunts up around Alberta Canada. He runs a great outfit along with his wife Crystal and they all work hard to satisfy his customers. Episode brought to you North American Whitetail Challenge, Carbon Express Arrows, Mathews Archery and Elk Ridge Knives.

E83 - Remi Warren - Live Wild, Hunt Hard

Remi Warren is constantly seeking new and accessible adventures whether at home or some far-off foreign mountain. Remi is a outdoor writer, outfitter, television host and obsessive hunter. He is co-host of Solo Hunters on the Outdoor Channel. He also hosts Ridge Reaper Series and you can catch him on episodes of MeatEater TV with his good buddy Steven Rinella.

E82 - Cam Zink - Professional Freeride Mountain Bike Rider & X-Game Athlete

Most would probably think Cam is crazy for the insane stunts and trick jumps he does on a Mt Bike, and they might be right, but just like any professional athlete, Cam is methodical, focused and works hard at his craft. We love having Cam on the show to talk about his experiences in extreme sports and what goes on in the mind of these athletes. Plus we get into other topics like Hunting and gun rights. This podcast is brought to you by North American Whitetail Championship by Bone Collector, MyOutdoortv streaming service by Outdoor Channel.

E81 - David Wise - 2X Olympic Gold Medalist & 4x X Games Gold

What David can do on skis is truly amazing. Google his name and watch his Olympic runs in the half pipe. Its crazy what he can do! He is an amazing athlete and has risen to the occasion on the biggest events in freestyle skiing. Wise is a two-time Olympic gold medalist and four-time X Games Gold Medalist. The metals keep stacking up but if get a chance to meet him or hear him talk you'd never guess he's one of the top skiers in the world. David is not only driven athlete but also has a passion for the outdoors and is really a down to earth type of person. We're excite to have him back in the studio to talk about his skiing career and his future. Today’s episode is brought to you by the North American Whitetail Championship, Carbon Express Arrows, and GATR Coolers!

E80 - Justin Moscove - Fowling Tide Pub Owner/Operator, Reno NV

Justin came from humble beginnings and has now worked his way to having one of the most successful restaurants / bars in Northern Nevada.

E79 - You Only Get One Body with Matt Pendola & Clint Belding

As parents what's the best way to align and push our kids in their sports and develop their physical fitness? We answer a few of these questions and talk about the general idea of taking care of our heath and body on this podcast with Matt Pendola, a professional fitness coach that has built a reputation for developing some of the top young athletes in the country. Clint Belding is a physical therapist and has a wealth of knowledge in the sports fitness and brings his experience as a father who has young kids that are just starting to develop in their sports.

E78 - Scotty Lago - Professional Snowboarder, Olympic Medalist & Hunter Outdoorsman

Scotty Lago is a pro snowboarder, olympic medalist, 4x X-games medalist, world traveler, and hunter outdoorsman. Chad and Scotty talk about the extreme athletes in various sports like skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding and others. Plus Scotty talks about his past and future endeavours.

E77 - Scott Schellin - Reno Nevada Businessman and Sports Buff

Chad is joined in studio again by one of our favorites, Scott Schellin! Chad has so much to discuss with Scott and the two of them never know where to start or where to end so they decide to just go for it! Topics include boxing and MMA, basketball and the WNBA, insurance, fraternities, participation awards and a bunch more! Entertaining to say the least, Scott never disappoints on the mic! Today’s episode is brought to you by the North American Whitetail Championship, MOJO Outdoors, and GATR Coolers!

E76 - Neal Fincher - Krav Maga Instructor

Neal joins Chad to discuss Krav Maga and why it is important to be aware at all times. It is always better to be prepared then to be caught off guard and Neal has developed an approach that can help anyone realize theirs. At the surface, Neal has a normal job and a normal life but his mental and physical toughness is far from normal. Today’s episode is brought to you by be North American Whitetail Championship and Hi Viz Sights.

E75 - Erin Pendola & Kelley Perotti - Female Fitness, MMA & Business

Erin Pendola is a fitness freak! Kelley Perotti is a 2x World Champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Kelley trained Erin for her first degree black belt in MMA! Erin received this black belt. Neither one of them are stopping there! As both of their businesses Pendola Training and Conviction Martial Arts have exploded, the ladies find time for their families, their nutrition, their fun, and to sit down in our studio to talk about their lives and their stories with Chad! Today’s episode is brought to you by the World Whitetail Championship, MOJO Outdoors, HI VIZ Sights, and MY OUTDOOR TV. Enjoy!

E74 - Joey Gilbert - The Fight Game

Joey Gilbert is a champion in the ring and in life. And he is an inspiration for all of us. He joins us in the studio again to discuss the fight game and his career and his stance on work ethic and commitment! He lays it down only the way Joey can. He is passionate and he is assertive and his story and optimism are contagious! Today’s episode is brought to you by MTN OPS and the North American Whitetail Championship! Visit the Championship at

E73 - Chris Nicolai - US Fish and Wildlife Biologist & Hunter

Chad calls him the Bird Nerd and it’s for good reason. Chris Nicolai is obsessed with ducks and geese and he is a leading authority on them all! He joins Chad in the studio again to discuss the reverse migration, the “weird 2018-19 duck season”, banding, decoys, ethics, and everything else Waterfowl. This is a strong conversation on what drives our passion for ducks and geese! Thank you Chris! Today’s episode is brought to you by the North American Whitetail Championship, Elk Ridge Knives, and DemerBox!

E72 - Mike Stoker - Finding Success and Loving Life in Reno/Tahoe

Living the American Dream is something that we all....well...dream of doing. A good education, a promising career, a genuine love of family and friends, a strong family bond, money in the bank, our health are all prices of this American Dream puzzle. Chad has been inspired and intrigued by Mike Stoker for several years now. They finally get to sit down in the studio to discuss this dream, talk business, and weave their way through this awesome life that Mike has built for himself. He has done it all and at 68 years old, he has no plans to stop. Today’s episode is brought to you by the North American Whitetail Championship and Hi Viz Shooting Systems!

E71 - Erin & Matt Pendola - Dynamic Duo Fitness Coaches in Reno, NV

Matt and Erin Pendola have become regulars on the podcast and it’s because their message is so positive and contagious. They promote finding a better version of ourselves and they have developed a training system that helps you not only get started, but one that helps you stay engaged in making it a lifestyle! Athletes don’t diet and exercise, they eat and train....and we are ALL athletes! Matt and Erin join Chad in the studio to discuss this mentality and to launch their new video series that are helping people become better versions of themselves all over the country! Today’s episode is brought you to by the 2019 North American Whitetail Championship, MOJO Outdoors, and MTN OPS.

E70 - Zach Roubo - Mixed Martial Arts - 4th Degree Black Belt & Purple Belt in Jiu Jitsu

From a young age, Zach had always wanted to be a ninja. Over the years Zach has studied and trained in different disciplines of mix martial arts. Zach has earned his 4th degree Black Belt and Purple Belt in Ju Jitsu at Conviction Martial Arts gym in Reno, Nevada. His mental toughness and positive approach is what enlightened Chad to want sit down in the studio and learn Zach’s story. It takes more then dedication to earn your black belt, let alone your 4th Degree Black Belt. Zach has the right approach to life and this podcast is just scratching the surface. Today’s episode is brought to you by the North American Whitetail Championship. Go to and register for your chance to be qualified to win $50,000.00 for first place!

E69 - Tim Burnett - Host/Founder SOLO HNTR

Tim is an accomplished hunter and outdoor survivalists and has been from a very early age. Tim founded the tv show SOLO HNTR, which at the time was unlike any other hunting show. “ I want my viewers to feel the experience rather than just see it.” SOLO HNTR is now a national brand and Tim is working relentlessly to capitalize on its popularity. Tim sits down with Chad to discuss the daily commitment it has taken to visualize a national television idea and turn it into something that people can’t live without it. This episode is brought to you by the Bone Collector North American Whitetail Championships and Mathews Bows.

E68 - Alex Crosby - Tahoe Creamery

Alex Crosby from Tahoe Creamery Ice Cream sits down with Chad to discuss his new endeavor! Tahoe Creamery was born in the back room of a small restaurant in Reno, Nevada when a group of like-minded individuals decided it was time to create a lasting legacy for their families. The vision was simple. Produce and distribute premium ice cream that paid homage to the 8th wonder of the world, Lake Tahoe. The lake known around the world happens to be right in the backyard of Tahoe Creamery and serves as a constant source of inspiration, each flavor is unique in the flection it has on the area.

E67 - Scott Mueller - California Waterfowl Association

Scott has been with California Waterfowl Association for over 20 years and understand what it takes to provide a quality conservation effort for the benefit of Waterfowl and other wildlife specie populations. The CWA has reached a level that not many regional based conservation organization have and they don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. If you are a duck hunter or hunt other species or just believe in conservation, it is a good idea to support the CWA by becoming a member. Scott joins Chad in the studio to discuss current initiatives that are being demonstrated through different segments of the CWA. It is truly humbling to see what this organization contributes to do for the ducks and the geese and the kids and the habitat and the women and the hunters etc. we are proud to be Life Members of the CWA and glad to welcome Scott to the the podcast. Today’s episode is brought to you by the North American Whitetail Championships as well as by Merlo Waterfowl and Federal Premium Ammunition!

E66 - James Demer - Ultra Marathon Runner & Co-Founder DemerBox

James shares his experience getting into ultra running, where runners go for over 100 miles in one go! Crazy! In his professional life, James, has a deep appreciation for music and sound. James built a career in location audio recording where he worked for shows such as Survivor and Vice News. James created an awesome unique wireless speaker that could withstand the ruggedness of traveling and being in the elements. Check it out at This episode is brought to you by The North American Whitetail Championships! Check them out!

E65 - Andrew Skluzacek - Wild Acre Kennels - Gun Dog Training

Andrew Skluzacek is a master dog trainer and owner of Wild Acre Kennels Dog Training out in Minnesota. Wild Acre Kennels is premier dog training service that offers obedience training, bird and gun training, shed and point skills. Andrew shares his experience training gun dogs. This episode is brought to you by Eukanuba Dog Food and The North American Whitetail Championships! Check them out!

E64 - Scott Schellin - Insurance Guru & Northern Nevada Community Leader

Scott is a native of Nevada and graduated from Carson High School and attended the University Nevada Reno and majored in Education. Scott is a father, coach, entrepreneur, an Insurance guru, and a community leader. Scott is president of The Nevada Insurance Agency. Chad and Scott talk about living in Northern Nevada and the evolving community. Later their conversation gets into their opinions on what’s going on in the UFC. This episode is brought to you by The North American Whitetail Championships! Check them out!

E63 - Frances Hopping - Corning Ford Dealership & Living Outdoor Lifestyle

Frances Hopping lives the American Dream! He runs one of the top FORD TRUCK Dealerships in the country and he hunts ducks! Can it get any better! Francis sits down with Chad to discuss the truck business, the hunting business, the outdoors , and the new partnership between Corning FORD and The Fowl Life! Chad has said it over and over again that no truck on earth compared to a FORD Super Duty and nothing will ever change his mind! His episode is brought to you by Corning FORD and The North American Whitetail Championships!

E62 - Cameron Zink - Pro Freeride Bike Rider & X-Games Athlete

Cam Zink is one of the toughest dudes on the freeride scene; a solid rider who isn't afraid of going all out. In 2013 he made history by stomping the biggest backflip ever seen at Red Bull Rampage. Then in 2014 he set a new world record with a 100 foot backflip. Cam continues to push the limits and we're excited to bring you this podcast that sheds some light into who this talented extreme athlete is.

E61 - David Wise - Freestyle Skier Olympic and X-game Gold Medalist

David Wise is an American freestyle skier, two-time Olympic gold medalist and four-time X Games Gold Medalist and he continues to add medals to his name. He is an amazing athlete who has found a balance to win competitions and be a father and husband. Dave is also into living off the grid and the lifestyle of being a hunter and gather.

E60 - Max40 Athletes - Matt Pendola, John Hodges & Dr Naomi Albertson

We're talking about athletes ages 40+ and the challenges the aging athletes face physically and mentally. Our guests include; Matt Pendola, a performance strength and conditioning specialist, John Hodges a Physical Therapist who works with professional athletes and weekend warriors, and Dr Naomi Albertson, a Sports Medicine Physician.

E59 - Dave Stanley - 2018 Waterfowl Hunting Recap, Wild Game Meat and Laws

Dave guides waterfowl hunting and fishing all across the globe. Dave talks about his experience hunting across the borders with the laws and how the diet affects the taste of the waterfowl.

E58 - JD Stanley - Texas Waterfowl Hunting Guide

Chad and JD recap the season and how the weather affected the 2018-2019 waterfowl hunting season across the different flyway zones. JD guides waterfowl and fishing all across the country. His experience and the sheer amount of days he spends out hunting makes him a valuable friend who knows what is going on with the migration.

E57 - Michelle Walters - Mother of Childhood Cancer Survivor

Michelle Walters is a mom. Michelle Walters is a Saint! Michelle Walters is a leader. Michelle Walters went through hell and back and she is hear to tell the story of childhood cancer and how it affected her family and mainly her son Grant. Grant is the reason why we all came together. Hear her story of the diagnosis and the struggle from leaving their home in Louisiana to moving into the Ronald McDonald House in Memphis, Tennessee and their journey in and out of St. Jude’s Research Center and how Grant’s life was saved! He is 5 years disease free and we are so humbled to have him in camp and his mom on the microphone! Please sit back and enjoy our time with this awesome family. This episode is brought to you by the Bone Collector North American Whitetail Championship and MTN OPS.

E56 - Flatline Outfitters Waterfowl Hunting Guides

Blu Moore and Trey Miller own and operate Flatline Outfitters in Oklahoma! They pride themselves in their work ethic and their network. They have a growing client base and continue to taste success through their reputation of making memories for their hunters. They both sit down with Chad to discuss the outfitting and guiding business as well as other topics that pop up on a daily basis! Sit back and enjoy the convo! This episode is brought to you by the Bone Collector North American Whitetail Championship and MOJO Outdoors!

E55 - Andrew and Westin - Escaping Social Media in the Arkansas Woods

While at Arkansas Duck Camp, Chad hunts the flooded timber with 2 recent Arkansas Razorback graduates, Andrew Wiechern and Westin Wilks, to talk about growing up duck hunting and escaping the modern world of touch phones and social media in the Arkansas Woods.

E54 - Making Duck Calls with Jargon Game Calls - Part 2

Chad and Chris get into the designing of a duck call and analyze how to make different duck sounds to be an effective waterfowl hunter. Chris Cifreo is an Arkansas duck hunter and partner in Jargon Game Calls.

E53 - Making Duck Calls with Jargon Game Calls - Part I

Chad and Chris Cifreo talk about their new duck call company called Jargon Game Calls. They get into the history, designs and inspirations in making these new duck calls. Why the name "Jargon" and how communication and knowing the duck language is important to making realistic duck sounds.

E52 - Chris Cifreo - BOSS Drive Mud Motors & Arkansas Timber Duck Hunting

If you’re a duck hunter, you know what a mud motor is. You know what a surface drive motor is. You know that they mean business and get us to where the ducks are. BOSS Drives from Louisiana is as strong as it gets in the mud motor world as they continue to innovate their designs and stay on the cutting edge of performance! Chad is joined by BOSS Drives National Sales and Marketing Manager Chris Cifreo to discuss the mud motor frenzy. From performance to design to ethics to legalities, If it has to do with mud motors, Chad and Chris discuss it. This episode of This Life Ain’t For Everybody is brought to you by BOSS Drives and Benelli Shotguns.

E51 - Remi Warren - Hunter, writer, adventurer, conservationist

Hunter, writer, adventurer, conservationist, Remi Warren is an accomplished Outdoorsmen. He has made a living in various aspects of the outdoor industry. He has worked as a hunting guide, outfitter, outdoor writer, photographer, videographer and TV personality. He hosted Apex Predator and co-host Solo Hunters, which both air on the Outdoor Channel. He has also taken up hosting Under Armour’s digital Ridge Reaper Series and has been seen on episodes of MeatEater with his good friend Steven Rinella.

E50 - Matt Pendola - True Grit

What does it mean to have it? Matt Pendola joins Chad in studio again to discuss the true meaning of being gritty. Matt is a personal coach who specializes in building core strength and fitness tailored to top performance sport athletes to ordinary Joes looking to stay healthy and fit. Today's episode is brought to you by our friends at The Pendola Project and MTN OPS.

E49 - Chris Nicolai - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Waterfowl Biologist

Chris is the lead biologist for the Nevada Waterfowl Association, he has a wealth of knowledge on waterfowl species, waterfowl hunting and other wing shooting. Chad and Chris discuss conservation efforts by state agencies and federal organizations.

E48 - John LoMonaco - Hunting Around The World

John has over 70+ years of waterfowling, wing shooting, and big game hunting experiences across the globe. His hunting travels and experiences in the remote parts of earth make for some great stories, so settle in and enjoy.

E47 - Brad Arington & Brett Volmert - Hunting Duck Dog Training & Eukanuba

Hunting waterfowl just isn't as fun without a good duck dog. We have professional dog trainer Brad Arington from Mossy Pond Retrievers and Brett Volmert, the PRO Development Manager at Royal Canin/Eukanuba on to discuss everything to getting your hunting dog ready for the hunting season to the nutrition to keep him performing at his best.

E46 - Gabby Williams - NCAA Champion, WNBA player, Olympian

Gabby is a young powerhouse athlete with a ton of accomplishments already under her belt! She grew up playing sports in Sparks, Nevada and as gone on to play for the 1-ranked Connecticut women’s basketball team UCONN and has captured 2 NCAA championships. She was also a first-team All-American and voted nation defensive player of the year. In addition to basketball, she also participated in track and field as a high jumper in which she qualified as an alternate for the 2012 London Olympics.

E45 - Bryan McGehee - GATR Coolers Lousiana Cajun

Bryan McGehee brings his Louisiana Cajun perspective on hunting, cooking, football and outdoorsman lifestyle of living in that part of the world. Bryan is owner of GATR Coolers, a company based out of Louisiana and have a reputation of building tough, durable and unique style coolers. We bring GATR coolers on the road with us keeping our drinks cold as we travel across the country chasing the waterfowl migration.

E44 - Brett Cannon - Fishing World Record Holder & Avid Outdoorsman - Part 3

Part 3 of our conversation with Brett Cannon who's earned the Billfish Royal Slam award talks about his experiences fishing and hunting. Follow him

E43 - Brett Cannon - Fishing World Record Holder & Avid Outdoorsman - Part 2

Part 2 with our conversation with Brett Canon. We get into some of the details of our experiences building a outdoor lifestyle brand and working with industry partners.

E42 - Brett Cannon - Fishing World Record Holder & Avid Outdoorsman - Part 1

Brett credits his Dad and Grandfather who introduced him into the world of being an outdoorsman. Brett was born in Texas and now resides in South Florida where saltwater competition fishing and spending time in the woods hunting takes up most of his time.

E41 - Jared Woodward - Hunter, Father, Policeman

We're excited to have our good friend Jared on the show to bring his unique perspective as a police officer to discuss some of the current issues our community faces.

E40 - Jim Rhea - Hunter, Fisherman, Griller, Provider

Jim is a hunter, fisherman, griller and a true provider. Jim joins Chad to discuss life as it is when you live off of the land.

E39 - Hjalmar Hedman & Tyler Stark - Traeger Grills

After a great few days of chasing mallards, Canadas, and pheasants across South Dakota and North Dakota, Chad sits down with Tyler Stark and Hjalmar Hedman of Traeger Grills. Tyler and Hjalmar work in Marketing for Traeger which is one of the fastest growing companies in the country. Traeger has built their brand on innovative product design and focused marketing initiatives. The guys discuss the passion and love that fills duck camps all over the country with hunts and food and music and memories and how they are proud of the role that Traeger plays in these camps. Chad is humbled to be part of Team Traeger and was excited to have these two bad asses in camp.

E38 - Alex Crosby - Nevada Hunter

Long time friend and team Fowl Life member, Alex Crosby, joins us in the studio to talk about their circle of friends who hunt and Alex’s recent waterfowl hunting experiences at the Canvasback Duck Club, Nevada.

E37 - The Stanley Family

Getting these two together at the same time isn't easy with all the traveling and guiding they do. JD is a fishing guide up in Alaska and a waterfowl guide in Texas. Dave also travels all over the country and international guiding fishing and waterfowl. The conversation goes into getting your kids into hunting from the perspective as the father and as the kids. Plus the group gets into their experiences as hunting guides.

E36 - Dave Stanley Waterfowl Hunting Guide

Dave Stanley is a crafty outdoorsman who has a wealth of knowledge as a guide for waterfowl hunting and fishing. Dave and Chad talk about the state of waterfowl hunting in North America and into Canada.

E35 - Buck Paradise Outfitters

Live from Canada—Chad is joined by Grant Kuypers and Barcley Fisher of Buck Paradise Outfitters as well as his brother Clay Belding. The four discuss their friendship, history, past hunts and memories, predator hunts, and how they have seen the ups and downs of hunting at its finest. Join them as they dog into the archives for a memorable conversation. Today’s show is brought to you by Buck Paradise Outfitters and Benelli Shotguns.

E34 - Pendola Fitness - Strength in Mind and Body

Matt Pendola is a professional training coach who’s had success as an athlete himself and coaching other athletes or individuals just looking to improve their fitness and strength. Chad and Matt get into what goes into pain free living and how to set and reach fitness goals.

E33 - Traeger American Royal BBQ w/ Mitch Petrie VP of Programming at The Outdoor Channel

Chad is joined with Mitch Petrie to talk hunting, barbecue, wild-game cooking at the American Royal BBQ in Kansas City. Mitch’s wealth of knowledge, passion and experience in the outdoor industry gives the listeners great insight into the world we love.

E32 - Traeger American Royal BBQ w/ Bart Oates

Bart Steven Oates (born December 16, 1958) is a former American football player in the National Football League for the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers. He played center for the Giants from 1985–93 and with the 49ers from 1994-95. He was a member of the Giants teams that won Super Bowls XXI and XXV and the 49ers team that won Super Bowl XXIX. He now serves as the President of the NFL Alumni. Bart sits down with Chad to discuss topics ranging from the NFL, youth football, and BBQ. Bart is a man’s man and Chad is humbled to have him on the show! Today’s episode is brought to you by Traeger Grills and Whiskey Bent BBQ.

E31 - Traeger American Royal BBQ w/ Matt Pitman of Meat Church BBQ & Leith Loftin on guitar

Matt “Meat Church” Pittman is a BBQ Champion and a Team Traeger Pit Master! He hails from the BBQ Capital...Texas, U.S.A. He has a flare for creating BBQ grub with a personality unlike no other. His brand flourishes not only in Texas but across the country. Whether he is competing, cooking for a celebrity, or making his family and friend’s mouths water in the backyard, Meat Church knows how to make a Traeger talk! Join Chad as he sits down with Matt and discusses BBQ as well as other topics live from the American Royal in Kansas City! Listen for the familiar voice of the one and only Leith Loftin as he joins in on the conversation and trust us, his guitar and clever country music is in there as well! Today’s podcast is brought to you by Traeger Grills, Meat Church BBQ, and Whiskey Bent BBQ Company!

E30 - Kirk Naisbitt - Family Man, Businessman & Duck Hunting Man

Kirk Naisbitt is a family man, a businessman, and a duck hunting man. With so much going on in his daily life, he will be the first to tell you that his true passion in life out sporting dogs. Kirk is considered an amateur dog trainer but when it comes to skills and theories, there are not many better. Kirk sits down with Chad to discuss his stance on puppies and gun dogs and hunting over a strong dog and how these dogs truly set the tone for any hunt. He might not get paid to train dogs, but his knowledge is worth a ton of money. This episode of This Life Ain’t For Everybody is brought to you by our friends at Boss Drives and Edge Duck Boats.

E29 - Battle Born Part 2

The season is off to a strong start and Chad has a panel to discuss it! Chad is joined by his brothers Clint and Clay, as well as good friends Alex Crosby and Les Naisbitt to discuss their recent big game hunts. However, the discussion begins with remembering the September 11, 2001 attacks, 17 years from the time of this recording. Getting back into their big game hunts, these guys work hard and study the landscape to get in an live with the animals they are pursuing including Mule Deer, Antelope, and Roosevelt Elk! It’s great to see their hard work and dedication pay off! Come join the conversation and hear some great stories! Today’s episode is brought you by Savage Arms, Mathews Archery, Rage Broadheads, and Leupold Optics!

E28 - Lake Tahoe Trager BBQ with Whiskey Bent BBQ Chad Ward

Chad Ward of Whiskey Bent BBQ and Traeger Grills joins the team up at Lake Tahoe for a night of BBQ steaks, brisket (minus a few from the beer), veggies and more. The 2 Chads talk about recipes and give grilling tips for fish, chicken, beef, wild game and more. Joining the conversation is Jared Ellenberger, a construction owner, hunter, fisherman and friend. Plus, Clay Belding recalls his Nevada mule deer hunt this year, where his monster typical muley scored scored 201 2/8. Instagram finds at @whiskeybentbbq, @deaddogwalkin, @thefowllifetv, @traegeroutdoors.

E27 - Dan Henderson - UFC Hall of Famer

Dan Henderson is a retired UFC fighter but has now a successful athletic Fitness center down in Temecula, CA. Great to hear stories from his past fight career and what's his plans for the future

E26 - Bobby Johnson, Dean James Jr & Ben Ratliff - Music City

Nashville is referred to as Music City. It is home to Music Row and to thousands of number one radio hits. It inhabits singer/songwriters who have made the move to Music City to follow their dreams! Chad has lots of friends in Nashville and he is humbled to be joined by three of them on this edition of This Life Ain’t For Everybody! Ben is a singer and songwriter and tour manager. Dean is a singer and a songwriter and a bad ass guitarist and pianist and drummer and bassist! Bobby is a singer and a songwriter and runs some of the most successful Honky Tonks in Music City. The topics range from lyrics to styles to labels to radio to breaking an artist to loyalty to passion to love of the music! Thank you for joining us and we hope you enjoy!

E25 - Mitch Petrie - Vice President Programming at The Outdoor Channel

Mitch is an experienced producer and an avid hunter and fishermen. As VP of Programing at The Outdoor Channel, Mitch is a key player in the hunting industry. On the podcast Mitch shares his thoughts on the future of outdoor programming, advice for independent producers, and talks about his passion for the outdoor lifestyle.

E24 - Laura Schara - Hunting, Fishing, TV Host and Fashion with ease

A passion for the great outdoors courses through Laura Schara’s veins. Quite truly, it’s in her blood. She got it from her dad, consummate outdoorsman and Minnesota Bound host Ron Schara. Laura has hosted and appeared in numerous shows like Survival Science and Minnesota Bound, Fox Sports Network Due North Outdoors and Wild In The Kitchen. After college Laura worked her way into the world of high fashion with companies like Marshall Field’s then Macy’s. But her roots kept her coming back to the outdoor industry. Now Laura is combining the world of fashion with the outdoors in her new Wildly Living Lifestyle Branding Company

E23 - Chris Green - Owner of Migration X Outfitters and Prairie Sky Ranch in South Dakota

The unique habitat, amount of waterfowl and wild pheasants in North Dakota and South Dakota offers some of the most challenging and enjoyable game bird hunts. Now here is Chris Green, with his hunting lodge and knowledge of the area, has been delivering unreal hunting experiences for over 25 years. Chris shares some of his experiences and perceptions on the hunting guide industry.

E22 - Joey Gilbert and Matt Pendola - Fitness and Nutrition

Joey Gilbert, a professional boxer, and Matt Pendola, a professional fitness coach, combine their experiences as athlete and coach to give the listener valuable information on reaching fitness goals and improve nutrition.

E21 - Joey Gilbert

Joey Gilbert is a retired professional boxer out of Reno, Nevada. As a collegiate boxer, Joey was a 3-time National Champion, 4-time Regional Champion and 4-time All American. He won the Nevada State Golden-Gloves Super-Middleweight Champion in 2000. In 2004, Joey was cast in NBC’s The Contender, working alongside Sylvester Stallone, Sugar Ray Leonard and other talented boxers. Joey’s love of prizefighting ultimately led him to become ranked #3 in the world by the World Boxing Organization (WBO) and #7 in the world by the World Boxing Council (WBC). Joey was formerly both WBO-NABO and WBC-USNBC Middleweight Champion—2006 & 2007.While competing as a professional fighter, Joey was asked, and volunteered for 3 “USO-Tours” to visit our troops serving in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq.

E20 - Team Benelli, Monty, Merlo and Beldings in Argentina Part 3

Argentina is truly a high volume duck hunting destination, a place all duck hunters need to visit. The team is on final day 3 of hunting with Argentina Duck Hunting Adventures Outfitter. Chad and the guys talk about the challenges of hunting the Rossy-bill duck and the other topics to consider when hunting in Argentina.

E19 - Team Benelli, Merlo and Beldings in Argentina Part 2

On day 2 the guys realize how good Argentina duck hunting really is, as they recall the day's hunt. We've got George Thompson and JP Fischer from Benelli, Roc Merlo from California Waterfowl Association and Clay Belding from Team Banded sharing their thoughts on Argentina Duck hunting and the food Monty and his team have been serving at Argentina Duck Hunting Adventures camp.

E18 - Team Benelli, Merlo and Beldings in Argentina Part 1

We are live from Argentina with George Thompson and JP Fischer from Benelli, Roc Merlo from CWA, and Clay Belding from Team Banded. They all sit down with Chad to discuss their trip so far as well as topics ranging from shotguns to duck camp. Stay with us throughout the week for more episodes from Argentina!

E17 - Clay Charlton - Take-Em Outfitters Alberta Canada

Clay Charlton owns and operates Take Em Outfitters in Alberta, Canada. He makes his living in the woods and he is good at it. He sits down with Chad to discuss their friendship and past hunts, the migration, as well as upcoming hunts. Join us as we talk to our brother from the Great White North!

E16 - Chad At It Again With His Duck Calls

Chad gives us some duck calling tips to practice during this off season. He goes into detail explaining the science and the inner workings of creating realistic duck sounds. Definitely a good podcast if you're wanting to improve your duck calling skills!

E15 - Randy Birdsong - Head Hunters TV

Fellow Outdoor Channel TV host, Randy Birdsong of Head Hunters TV joins Chad to discuss the hunting industry and more.

E14 - UFC Hall Of Famer Urijah Faber & Chad Mendes

We visited Urijah Faber's Ultimate Fitness gym in Sacramento, California to talk with "The California Kid" about his past MMA career and his new focus on mentoring new athletes on Team Alpha Male. Chad Mendes also joins the conversation to talk about his training routine and his upcoming fights.Visit:

E13 - Clay Guida - Professional MMA fighter

In between training sessions, Clay "The Carpenter" Guida sat down with Belding for a cool discussion on Clay's past and future UFC fights as well as the family life of the Carpenter. Clay trains with Team Alpha Male at Urijah Faber's Ultimate Fitness and has the reputation of being one of the most explosive and exciting fighters in all of Mixed Martial Arts! It was a pleasure to learn how truly humble Clay is. We hope you enjoy!

E12 - Terry Denmon - Founding partner of Mojo Outdoors

Chad is big on giving back as well as to paying homage to those who have given to him. When it comes to influence and mentorship, nobody has been more important in Chad’s career then Mr. Terry Demon, Founder and CEO of MOJO Outdoors. Terry sits down with Chad to cover his illustrious career, discuss his Hall of Fame Induction, talk about the current state of the hunting industry, as well as touch on a variety of other different topics. Terry helped revolutionize the way people chase and hunt ducks as well as a slough of other animals and it was pure magic being able to have him at the studio! Because we all know that if it ain’t MOJO, it ain’t Magic! Enjoy and thank you for your continued support of This Life Ain’t For Everybody! Visit Mojo Outdoors at

E11 - Chad Ward, Competition Pitmaster Traeger Grills, Co-founder of Whiskey Bent BBQ

"BBQ is a great way to bring people from all walks of life together" –Chad Ward. Chad's outlook on life is very similar to ours as hunters. Chad’s passion for BBQ comes from his belief that it’s more than just food—it’s a language that everyone can understand. He’s co-founder of Whiskey Bent BBQ, a competitive BBQ team that is quickly running out of space in their trophy case. They’ve collected 7 state championship titles, 5 reserve state championship titles and over 200 top 10 overall and category finishes. Most recently, he took home 1st place, and received a perfect score, for chicken at the World Food Championships that he cooked on his trusty Traeger Pro 34. Check out Chad on his instagram at @whiskeybentbbq and @traegeroutdoors.

E10 - Leith Loftin - Nashville singer-songwriter publisher

This podcast has the feeling of sitting around a campfire telling stories and listening to music and guitar playing by Leith Loftin. Leith talks about the life of a musician in Nashville and his stories behind writing his songs like 50 Years Too Late, Wingman, When the Money's All Gone and other favorites. Find Leith on Instagram at @leithalweapon1

E9 - Dan "Hendo" Henderson - MMA Legend and One Hell of a Man

Hendo is known around the world as an MMA Legend who did his talking with his wrestling and his hands! When we say hands, we are referring to the “H-Bomb”, the most feared right hand in the history of Mixed Martial Arts. Even after all of the fights, all of the wins, just a few losses, and having a fan base that is spread all over the world, Hendo has refused to let celebrity and success go to his head. He continues to stay grounded and treat people as if they are the only one in the room. His success has carried over into his personal life as he raises an awesome family, builds a successful business, and represents brands that still cherish him as the Bad Ass that he was, and is!! He might do his talking with other things these days besides his wrestling and hands as his arsenal now includes a Benelli, a bow, a grill, and a ski boat as well as that same smile that made him the face of MMA for so many years! Join him and Chad in the This Life Ain’t For Everybody studio and see if Hendo ends the Podcast with an H-Bomb! Find him on Instagram at @danhendo.

E8 - Scotty Lago - World Champion and Olympic Medalist Snowboarder + Outdoorsman

Scotty has been on the big stage so many times and he has proven that dedication, commitment, hard work, and vision can lead to a life full of blessings. These blessings can include traveling the world, making friends, dropping in on 22 foot half pipes with the world watching, and having more then a few medals hung around your neck! Scotty is humble and he is a bad ass! He is a hunter and he is a conservationist! He is a friend and he is in the This Life Ain’t For Everybody studio. Find Lago on Instagram at @scottylago.

E7 - Chad & His Duck Call

Brought to you by our friends at Elite Duck Calls.Chad has a conversation with the listeners and discusses duck hunting and duck calling. From choosing a call to learning the vocabulary of the mallard hen to reading the duck’s body language plus more will be on todays menu. Chad also answers questions from fans and listeners. Just a guy with a duck call and a microphone is all it is but maybe you will find something in here that you can jive with. WARNING: Chad does operate his duck call during this Podcast so there is a chance that it will become annoying.

E6 - Dave Stanley - Outdoor Renaissance Man

Dave’s accomplishments are to plentiful to list and the best part about him is that he is as humble as the day is long. From fly fishing the world to hunting every big game animal in the western United States to pursuing every species of waterfowl that the flyways hold, Dave has, well you can say, “been there, done that”. Join Dave and Chad as they discuss topics ranging from conservation to politics to youth hunting to the overall lifestyle that hunting provides. What seemed like ten minutes ended up being over two hours of an in depth conversation that left both Chad and Dave wanting to keep going. Dave has surely lived a life that isn’t for everybody, but one thing is for sure, it has allowed him to not only write his story, but to solidity it in stone.

E5 - Rocque Merlo and Brad Forsythe - California Waterfowl

Our podcast is geared towards highlighting the different walks of life that make up our communities, homes, and camps. As we travel the country, we are blessed to meet so many awesome people! Rocque and Brad are just that! Both of them are all about family, friends, work ethic, hunting, conservation, and making memories! They join Chad in the studio to discuss current events, hunt memories, growing up in the Butte Sink, working the land, introducing new folks and kids to the outdoors, and where the state of affairs in California is headed! We are humbled to have them make the trip to our studio, now it is time to see if these three can get a laugh or two out of the listeners and if a mic drop will happen. Find Merlo Waterfowl on Instagram at @merlo_waterfowl

E4 - UFC Star Chad Mendes & Professional Trainer Matt Pendola

Chad Mendes has a nickname of “Money”, not because he chases it, but because his right hand is right on it! He is a Mixed Martial Arts Bad Ass who has fought the best, beat the best, and has been a true man when he did face defeat. He believes in living life just like he believes in preparing for and being in a scramble! Work hard, stay humble, have fun, and treat people just as you want to be treated. Although he is a celebrity, he loves to wet a line, draw back his bow, or squeeze the trigger with all walks of life through his successful outfitting business, Finz and Feathers Guide Service. Matt Pendola is a successful trainer who believes in “making a better you” on a daily basis. Chad Mendes and Matt Pendola are like two peas in a pod! They join Chad Belding in the This Life Ain’t For Everybody studio to discuss things from training to nutrition to eating wild game to dealing with haters! They also answer fan questions from Instagram Live and maybe even form a future partnership! This Right on the Money!! Find Chad Mendes on Instagram at @chadmendes and Pendola Training at @pendolaproject.

E3 - Battle Born

Today's podcast is brought to you by our friends at Savage Arms. Chad is joined by Clint, Clay, and Alex from Team Dead dog Walkin’ as well as by Traeger Hot Shot Jim Rhea. On the menu for discussion was the mountain lifestyle, predator management, big game hunting, chukar hunting, fine tuning your grill skills, and anything else that popped into the minds of these Providers. Some of it was scattered, but in the end, it was all tied together with the same common thread of the outdoors and hunt camp. These guests all come from different walks of life but it sure felt like they were cut from the same cloth for these two hours.

E2 - Matt Pendola & Les Naisbitt - Training For The Hunt

Matt Pendola founder of Pendola Training, is a high level endurance coach and accomplished runner and cyclist. Les Naisbitt is 77 years old and a retired construction business owner. Matt has trained athletes from all over the country at every level. Les has hunted and successfully harvested every big game animal in North America, making him a member of the North American Slam Club. Both lead different walks of live but they have so much in common. Matt and Les join Chad to discuss a healthy lifestyle and how to make better decisions when it comes to working out, nutrition, and longevity! The time flew and at the end of it all, all three agreed that nobody has the perfect life, and that their lives aren't for everybody.

Episode 1 - John David Stanley - Waterfowl & Fishing Guide

John David Stanley is a waterfowl hunter and conservationist. He won the World Junior Goose Calling Championship in 2001 and has finished in the top 10 of the World Duck Calling Championship 7 times. He is a life long friend and we are glad to have him on the podcast.


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