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Country Outdoors with Mary & Mitch Episodes

#51 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 51 - Dave McElroy

Dave McElroy, country music artist and host of Hang Time with Dave McElroy on Sportsman Channel takes time out of his busy performing and TV schedule to join Mitch, in Mitch's basement...with a LIVE studio audience (2 of Mitch's Friends!). Have a listen and get to know our good friend Dave!

#50 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 50 - Sadie Bass

Sadie Bass came down from her treestand and took our interview from her truck...seriously! This woman is a bada$$! Having recently relocated to Nashville Sadie is working hard and fighting the pandemic to get her music heard. Have a listen and let us know what you think! 

#49 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 49- Dylan Marlowe

Mary & Zach catch up with Dylan Marlowe while on the road chasing ducks in Oklahoma!

#48 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 48 - Josh Kiser

This week Mary & Mitch check in with up-and-coming artist Josh Kiser. Josh has a big voice and a big passion for the outdoors; don't miss an opporutnity to get in on the ground floor with this artist-to-watch!

#47 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 47 - Josh Bagwell

Josh Bagwell joins a long list of Georgia country-music artists who have found their way to the Country Outdoors Podcast! Since recording this interview Mary's had a chance to hunt pheasant in South Dakota with Josh and Turkey in Oklahoma...they've become good friends and we're all big fans of his music!

#46 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 46 - Mo Pitney

We have to admit, this podcast interview is a little different than any other one we've conducted, but that's to be expected when your guest is Mo Pitney! Yes, we talk about music and the outdoors but we also dive deeply into Mo's faith, humility and forgiveness. It's an episode you're not going to want to miss!

#45 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 45 - Jason Hart

If you don't have a HUK Fishing Shirt or NOMAD hunting apparel you're missing out! We're excited to bring you a special interview with Jason Hart, one of the founders of these two great brands! Mary & Zach were filming in Charleston SC and sat down with Jason in between hunting and fishing adventures...theirs and his!

#44 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 44 - Shep Rose

This week on the Country Outdoors Podcast: Mary heads to Charleston, South Carolina to catch up with reality star Shep Rose. Finding a rise to fame with his leading role on the television show "Southern Charm", Shep has amassed a large following, great stories, and a love for being outside. Come stop by, you don't miss this unique episode of the Country Outdoors Podcast.

#43 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 43 - Kylie Frey

Kylie Frey is a firecracker from Louisiana, living in Texas, taking the world of country music by storm! Fans are quickly drawn to her down-to-earth soulful style and rock-solid vocals. Her history as a rodeo champion gives her a unique perspective on music and the outdoor lifestyle. She joined Mary on her first turkey hunt this year, is touring now and recently released a new single, Horses in Heaven, with Randy Houser. You can hear the amazing story of how the two came together in this interview!

#42 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 42 - Lainey Wilson

On this week's episode of the Country Outdoors Podcast, Mary & Mitch are joined by Lainey Wilson.  A Louisiana native, Lainey has paved her way into the Nashville country scene, and it's clear that she is here to stay.  Be sure to tune in, because Lainey and the crew are sure to be sayin' what they're thinkin'.

#41 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 41 - Kameron Marlowe

Boy do we have some great news for you!  Kameron Marlowe will be joining Mitch & Mary for this week's episode of the Country Outdoors podcast.  Don’t be afraid to join us for a thrilling ride through country music, Kameron’s rise to fame, and how it all ties back to the outdoors.  It will be everything but the Tequila Talkin’. 

#40 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 40 - Chuck Wicks

On this week's episode of Country Outdoors with Mitch and Mary, we are excited to welcome the one and only Chuck Wicks to the show.  Chuck has developed the reputation of a local legend within the Nashville music scene, and his many years of experience in the outdoors is surely enough to back him up.  Join us as we discuss country music, the outdoors, and the tragedy that brought it all together for Chuck Wicks.

#39 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 39 - Drew Parker

The Country Outdoors team is back in action and continuing their strong start to Season 4.  This week, we are excited to invite Drew Parker to the show.  Drew made his way through the Nashville country scene at speeds previously thought to be impossible, and brought his outstanding musical abilities along for the ride.  We have boatloads of stories, struggles, and victories to cover, so make sure to tune in for this week's episode of Country Outdoors.

#38 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 38 - Michael Ray

Country crooner Michael Ray takes time out of his busy day to catch up with Mary & Mitch. The trio talk all things country music, Florida living and even discuss the Nashville Real-Estate boom!

#37 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 37 - Tim Montana

Mary & Mitch are joined via Zoom by Tim Montana and talk all things music, hunting and Montana! 

Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 36 - Laine Hardy

Did you know that Laine Hardy was a juvenile delinquent prior to becoming the American Idol Season 19 Winner? He tells that story and more on the Country Outdoors Podcast with Mary & Mitch!

#35 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 35 - Parker McCollum

Parker McCollum comes from a no-nonsense, hard-working family. His was the sort of upbringing where “if you’re going to do something and you’re not going to do it one-hundred percent; you shouldn’t do it all.” It’s why this 27-year-old treats each song he writes with a painstaking level of dedication, reverence, and — as he readily admits — even a bit of obsession. We're bringing this to you this week on the Podcast!  

#34 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 34 - Travis Denning

A native of Warner Robins, Georgia, he’s a natural guitar slinger and gifted live performer, who often injects his humor into stage shows and singles alike. Denning first picked up a guitar in grade school, and by the age of 16 was turning heads at the front of a rowdy bar band every weekend. Still, he put off moving to Nashville until he was 21, quickly establishing his songwriting cred with cuts by Jason Aldean, Justin Moore and Chase Rice when he did. In 2020 Denning tallied his first Top 20 hit as a writer with Michael Ray’s reflective “Her World or Mine,” but the spotlight has always called his name. Mary & Mitch talk hunting, fishing and music with Travis who is fresh off his first #1 hit, After a Few Drinks!


#33 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 33 - Teddy Robb

Perfecting his craft in Rocky Mountain ski lodges and Nashville’s Honky Tonks, Teddy Robb has a laid-back voice that grabs you like the Colorado winter air and wraps you up in a blanket with someone you love next to a warm fire.

A native of Akron, Ohio, Teddy grew up loving the outdoors. He fished, hiked, and played football through college in Ohio, however, his passion turned to music the moment he heard George Strait’s “Troubadour.” That was it, the decision was made. He called his parents, packed his bags and hit the road. Teddy spent time in Colorado playing music to support his snowboarding habit before making the final move to Nashville. 

Teddy’s debut single, “Really Shouldn't Drink Around You,” written by multi-GRAMMY Award-winning songwriters Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne, along with chart-topping songwriter and Old Dominion bandmember, Trevor Rosen, has over 50 million worldwide streams to date and shipped to country radio last year. Teddy performed the song to a national audience on NBC’s TODAY Show and his music has been written about in the pages of Rolling Stone, Billboard and more.

In April 2020 Teddy released his self-titled, debut EP. The five song project includes “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You,” as well as previously released tracks “Lead Me On” and “Tell Me How,” which have collectively been streamed over 80 million times. 

#32 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 32 - Jameson Rogers

Jameson Rodgers was born and raised in Batesville, Mississippi. From a young age, he had his sights set on both music and baseball. Rodgers passions lead him to a baseball scholarship at Northwest Mississippi Community College where he played ball for two years. Fast forward, less than 10 years later, and Jameson is celebrating his first #1!

#31 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 31 - Matt Stell

Mary and Mitch prayed for the chance to interview Matt Stell, singer/songwriter of the hit I Prayed For You. To be completely honest, they were blown away by Matt's passion for the outdoors!  

#30 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 30 - Jacob Davis

Jacob Davis is often referred to as the older brother to Jordan Davis but this guy is an amazing country-music singer/songwriter on his own. With his first #1 song under his belt, Take it From Me, Jacob is on his way to many more! Have a listen and get to know one of Nashville's hottest songwriters and learn where his inspiration comes from.

#29 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 29 - Jordan Davis Revisited!

Season 1 Podcast spent time with Mitch in an ice house in MN and debuted his new EP on Country Outdoors LIVE last May; he's going to be on Season 2 of Country Outdoors LIVE on Outdoor Channel so we thought we should bring him back too!

#28 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 28 - Josh Gallagher

Mary & Mitch catch up with Season 11 Voice Finalist Josh Gallagher fresh off the release of his new 6-song EP release Turn Around Town! 

#27 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 27 - Whiskey Myers

Mary and Mitch connect with John Jeffers (lead guitarist) and Cody Cannon (lead singer) from Whiskey Myers via Zoom and learn that these Texas country-rockers are spending their new-found free time in the great outdoors! 

#26 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 26 - Tyler Farr

This week Mary & Mitch talk fall hunting and recap the Country Outdoors Writers Round. Then we revisit our interview with Tyler Farr recorded LIVE in Nashville at CMA Fest 2019.

#25 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 25 - Mitchell Tenpenny

Columbia Records/Riser House Records recording artist Mitchell Tenpenny, with hits like Drunk Me and Alcohol You Later, joins Mary & Mitch to talk about music, hunting, golf, Meghan Patrick and the post COVID-19 future of music!

#24 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 24 - Lucas Hoge

Join Mary & Mitch as they connect with Lucas Hoge to talk about all things music and the outdoors. Make sure to check out Lucas's new series on Sportsman Channel; Hoge Wild. Tune in to hear to Lucas sing his new song, Wishin' I was Fishin'!

#23 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 23 - Chase Rice

Country Music Hit Maker is keeping busy during quarantine by working on his farm, hanging with his quaranteen posse, and promoting the heck out of his new music that drops on 5/15/2020. He was kind enough to carve an hour out of his day to talk to the Country Outdoors Podcast!

#22 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 22 - Leith Loftin

Mitch is joined by guest host Chad Belding and have a banger of an interview with Leith Loftin. The two are surprise when Drake White joins the interview!

#16 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 21- Jordan Rowe

Part of the Blue Otter Polarized family, Jordan Rowe is an emerging artist with an amazing future in front of him! Who wouldn't love a guy with a band on his necklace and a family recipe for "Hubcap Lasagna"!

#20 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 20 - Natalie Murphy

With new music just released, Natalie takes time from her busy touring schedule to share her solo adventures and a few with her husband, Season 1 Guest, Nick Hoffman!

#19 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 19 - David Nail

We caught up with David on our most recent pass through Nashville and David shares some adventures from his childhood and his struggles with depression.

#18 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 18 - Mattie Jackson Selecman

Often referred to as Alan Jackson's daughter, Mattie has some amazing accomplishments of her own and we are honored that she sat down to share some stories and her passion in the fight against human trafficking.

#17 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 17 - Dillon Carmichael

Long-time fan of the podcast and one of our favorite artists, Dillon Carmichael, sits down with Mitch & Mary. This guy has 99 Problems but a Fish Ain't One! If you're driving please be careful as his voice is hypnotic!

#19 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 16 - CJ Solar

You've heard his song, Up Down, recorded by Morgan Wallen, but you're going to be hearing more from him as a solo artist very soon, if you already haven't. Geaux Tigers!

#15 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 15 - Ray Fulcher

Ray Fulcher is a song writer with hits recorded by Luke Combs, but he's a fantastic solo artist as well.

#14 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 14 - Riley Green

Riley Green is on fire and we were lucky enough to catch up with him in Nashville at the CMA Awards! Riley comes to us courtesy of our friends at Blue Otter Polarized Sunglasses!

#13 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 13 - Bobby Pinson

One of Nashville's hottest song writers takes a break from writing and farming to share some stories from the road...and there are many!

#12 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 12 - Easton Corbin

Country music artist and a great hunter and conservationist Easton Corbin sits down to talk music and hunting! While you wait, check out his brand of casual apparel, Rural Cloth!

#11 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 11 - Meghan Patrick

Meghan is a bad-Quack hunter, musician, artist, and all-around woman! You're not going to want to miss her stories about her first hunts and experiences on the road and social media as a proud hunter.

#10 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 10 - Nick Hoffman

Nick Hoffman, 13+ year fiddle player for Kenny Chesney and host of Nick's Wild Ride joins Mary & Mitch in a wide ranging interview where Nick may even have composed the new theme song for the podcast!  

#9 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 9 - Drake White

A conversation with Drake White is never dull and this one is no exception! Hear what Drake has to say about music, hunting, conservation and life in general.

#8 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 8 - Chris Lucas & Preston Brust - LOCASH

Mitch & Mary catch up with LOCASH in on tour Minnesota! Tune in to hear about the history of this hot-country duo and hear their big announcement about their first USO tour!

#7 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 7 - Nate Hosie & Randy Birdsong

Aspiring country-music artist and Outdoor Channel host Nate Hosie with co-host Randy Birdsong talk music and hunting across America

#6 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 6 - Craig Campbell

Craig Campbell talks about his outdoor and Nashville life an much more!

#5 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 5 - Jordan Davis

With smash hits Singles You Up and Take It From Me and his latest hit Slow Dance in a Parking Lot, Jordan Davis, talks about everything from beard hygiene to hunting with his father out of their 69 Jeep Wagoneer.


#4 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 4 - Rhett Akins

Join host Mitch Petrie as he catches ACM Songwriter of the Decade, Rhett Akins on the Thomas Rhett on the Very Hot Summer Tour as it passes through Mitch's home state of Minnesota.

#3 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 3 - Dylan Scott

Mitch & Mary catch up with Dylan Scott who talks about his Louisiana hunting roots and the charity concert he created to raise money to take kids hunting!

#2 | Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 2 - Jon Langston

This week Mary & Mitch catch up with Jon Langston at the Iowa State Fair on tour with Luke Bryan!

Country Outdoors Podcast: Episode 0 - Sneak Preview

Meet hosts Mary O’Neill-Phillips and Mitch Petrie and get a sneak peak at what’s coming up this fall with the Country Outdoors Podcast.


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