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Ohio Man Successful On Huge 190-inch Typical In Snow

Peter Janson had an encounter with a big deer in a specific area in 2021. When he hunted the area again in November 2022, he capitalized on a different giant.

Ohio Man Successful On Huge 190-inch Typical In Snow

A close encounter with a double drop tine buck on his father’s Ohio land in 2021 set up Peter Janson to encounter another giant the following season.

“I was making a late afternoon hunt, easing into a good spot, when that buck came in on me fast,” Peter says. “We had a serious stare down, and then he was gone!”

That confrontation was painful, but Peter remembered exactly where he was that day and decided to try the spot again on Nov. 20, 2022. However, this time he brought along his friend, Derrick Randolph. The late part of the rut was still on, and the two hunters slipped quietly into the edge of the woods, just off a cut soybean field late in...

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