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What's the Best Release Aid for Bowhunting?

To help bowhunters gain a better understanding of the various release-aid options, we posed this question on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

What's the Best Release Aid for Bowhunting?

A wrist-strap, index-finger release such as the TruFire Edge seen here is the most common style employed by bowhunters. (Photo courtesy of FeraDyne Outdoors)

This question generated quite a bit of debate among our social media followers. After all, deciding what release to hook onto your D-loop is a highly individual choice. I thought one of the best answers came via Matt Showman (@mds599 on Instagram), who had this to say:

“The best release is personal. I can’t help but punch a [thumb]-button or index-[finger] release so bad that my arrow never goes where I want it to. So, while they might be the best if executed properly, they’re not for me. For me, a hinge is most accurate and properly executed. It’s my hunting release of choice.”

There’s a lot of truth and wisdom in Matt’s response...

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