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Best Coyote Cartridge: .223 Remington vs .22-250 Remington

Which of these popular twenty-twos is a superior round for song dogs?

Best Coyote Cartridge: .223 Remington vs .22-250 Remington

We've compared the two most-popular coyote cartridges to see which is really best. (Photo courtesy of Brad Fitzpatrick)

If you’re a serious coyote hunter you probably own at least one fast .22 centerfire rifle. For decades the .22s—primarily the .223 Remington and .22-250—have been the two most popular coyote cartridges, but which one is better?

History of the .223

The .223 Remington began life as a military cartridge in 1957. Known as the 5.56mm M193, the cartridge fired a 55-grain bullet over 3,000 feet per second and was tested in Eugene’s Stoner’s then-new M16 rifle, which would originally be adopted for military service. In 1962 Remington Arms developed a version of the 5.56 for the civilian market, and that round became known as the .223...

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