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.22-250 Remington Load Data

The .22-250 is a premier varmint and smaller big-game cartridge; handloading it is a delight. Here's some load data and best practices to yield tight groups.

.22-250 Remington Load Data

The author used Redding dies to build his .22-250 Remington handloads.

The inveterate experimenter Charles Newton unveiled the .250-3000 cartridge for the Savage Model 99 lever-action rifle in 1915. The round was first loaded with an 87-grain bullet at the then-astounding velocity of 3,000 fps; the “3000” in its name was, of course, a marketing maneuver on the bullet speed. In those days, a velocity of 2,000 fps was considered “fast,” so this was really big news.

Even in those days, riflemen immediately altered any new cartridge case by necking it up and down, blowing it out, and performing other transfigurations to create the “next great thing,” and the .250-3000 was no exception. While there were many paws in this...

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