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SAI Optics SAI 6 1-6X LPVO: Best AR-15 Scope?

The SAI 6 has many great features, but its Rapid Aiming Feature reticle puts this LPVO at the top for competition or tactical shooting.

SAI Optics SAI 6 1-6X LPVO: Best AR-15 Scope?

The SAI 6 is a robust 1-6x24mm LPVO which is well-suited for use on an AR-15, or other semi-automatic rifle. 

Truly, the world became a better place when the low-powered variable optic (LPVO) was created. To me, it is one of the most versatile optics you could ever use, especially the 1-6x and 1-8x LPVOs. Born for a tactical and competition demand, I would even take an LPVO over a traditional hunting optic for all but the longest shots. Clearly, I’m a fan, and I’ve been fortunate to try out many different models from many different manufacturers. The latest I’ve tested is the Model SAI 6 from SAI Optics, which has quickly become one of my all-time favorites.

At a glance, this

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