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What's Causing the Ammo Shortage?

Since the 2020 buying frenzy began, we are still asking, “Where's the ammo?” Whether for personal defense, range use, or hunting, fresh ammunition is in short supply. Here's why.

What's Causing the Ammo Shortage?

In the United States, we’re used to the luxury of wide choices in ammunition. Right now, those days are over, and it’s going to be a while before supply catches up with demand. (Craig Boddington photo)

If you’re out of bullets and the bad guys have breached the wire, there is a genuine reason for concern. If you want to take the kids to the range and don’t have enough ammo, that’s a problem. Bird seasons are on the wane, and if you don’t have enough of the right gauge and shot, that too is a problem! Come to think of it, with one last quail hunt in the offing, it’s a problem I’m wrestling with. Our local dealers’ shelves are almost empty, and my shotshell cupboard is nearly bare. Better make every shot count!

Despite many faults, I am not a conspiracy theorist. I do not accept that manufacturers are in collusion to limit supplies, deprive...

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