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Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

This week Luke and Larry are hungry and talkin' cookin' around the world!

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

This week Luke and Larry are talkin' buffalo!

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

Luke and Larry are talkin' springtime fishin'!

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

Some high caliber talk between Luke and Larry this week.

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

This week Luke and Larry discuss Chocktaw Hunting Lodge in Pittsburg, Oklahoma.

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

Luke and Larry are engaging in some hog, deer and turkey talk!

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

Luke and Larry are talkin' some springtime fishin'!

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

Luke and Larry are talkin' some good ole spring time activities.

Campfire Talk With Luke and Larry

Luke and Larry are feelin' spring time and talkin' turkey huntin'!

Campfire Talk With Luke and Larry

Luke and Larry are discussin' some interesting hunts.

Campfire Talk With Luke and Larry

Luke and Larry talk bass fishing.

Field to Table Cooking Secrets

Preparing and consuming game meat field-to-table style connects us to the food chain and to nature. And when done right, the results can be heavenly. Chris Dorsey discusses the tips and techniques for cooking game meat which he and Amy have perfected over the years.

Campfire Talk With Luke and Larry

This week Luke and Larry are talkin' the fun of handgun hunting.

Campfire Talk With Luke and Larry

Luke and Larry are makin' much ado about fishing.

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

Luke and Larry are talkin' catfish this week.

What to look for in a taxidermist

A gorgeous mount isn't just a trophy, it is a memory. Chris Dorsey discusses the high-level of craftsmanship and artistry found in today's best taxidermists, and some of the pitfalls to avoid when shopping for their services. After making a substantial investment of time and money on a hunt, it is worthwhile to find a taxidermist who has the skill and expertise to create a work of art that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

This week, Luke and Larry are talkin' about hog huntin'.

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

This week, Luke and Larry talk Winter Activities.

Underrated Hunts

Chris Dorsey discusses some of his favorite underrated hunts in North American and around the world. From aoudad which provide the challenge of a sheep hunt at a fraction of the cost, to pronghorn which can be enjoyed by all levels of hunters, to crocodile requiring a hyper-accurate shot and many more - Chris covers a collection of accessible and affordable hunts that should be on every hunter's bucket list.

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

This week Luke and Larry are full of a bunch'a hog talk.

Campfire Talks with Luke and Larry

This week Luke and Larry talk bear hunting!

Wings Over Water comes to IMAX Theaters

Chris Dorsey discusses the new IMAX film Wings Over Water which celebrates the amazing diversity of wildlife from the prairie pothole region of North America. The film is narrated by Michael Keaton and is now running in select IMAX theaters. Wings Over Water is a culmination of 2 years of work from the finest film crew in the giant screen industry with funding from the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, and the Audubon Society.

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

On this session of Campfire Talk, Luke and Larry discuss traveling this week to Saskatchewan.

Campfire Talks with Luke and Larry

This week on Campfire Talks we find Luke and Larry amidst a 'surf-n-turf' kind of conversation to kick-off the new year.

Walther Arms' Cody Osborn joins Chris Dorsey

Walther Arms Marketing Manager Cody Osborn joins Chris Dorsey for an engaging chat in the latest Sporting Classics TV Podcast. Osborn has appeared on several episodes of Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey including a quail hunt at Brays Island Plantation in South Carolina, pronghorn hunt in New Mexico, pistol training in Colorado and an upcoming pheasant shoot scheduled to air in 2022. The two passionate shooters discuss their shared love of hunting, protecting our heritage for future generations and the latest products from Walther Arms.

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry

Luke and Larry talk Mule Deer.

Checklist for International Hunts

Chris Dorsey has made nearly 50 trips to Africa, 30 to South America and travelled extensively through Canada, Europe and the South Pacific, making him one of the world's most well-travelled sportsmen. In this episode of the Sporting Classics TV podcast, Chris talks us through his mental checklist of what to pack and how to prepare for international travel in the modern era.

Campfire Talk with Luke Clayton and Larry Weishuhn

Luke and Larry discuss GPS devices.

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry - Talking Misses

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry catches the two discussing hunting misses.

Campfire Talk with Luke and Larry - Talking About Hunts

Campfire Talk finds Luke and Larry talking about hunts.

The Buck of Cordwood Hill by Frank H. Risteen

Sporting Classics Tim Wert dictates author and wildlife sportsman, Frank H. Risteen's, "The Buck of Cordwood Hill," for your listening pleasure.

Campfire Talk with Larry Weishuhn and Luke Clayton: Turkey Talk.

Larry and Luke discuss bow hunting for turkey - and a tasty recipe for Thanksgiving.

Campfire Talk with Larry Weishuhn and Luke Clayton: Whitetail and Catfish

Larry and Luke talk Whitetail hunting in Crockett County, Texas and Catfishing on Lake Tawakoni.

Fly Fishing for Bonefish in The Bahamas

Chris Dorsey discusses the magic of fly fishing for bonefish in The Bahamas, and how the fragile ecosystem of the saltwater flats needs to be protected to preserve this treasure for future generations.

Michael Sabbeth, Author of The Honorable Hunter

Author and lawyer Michael Sabbeth joins the Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey podcast to discuss his latest book 'The Honorable Hunter', which covers how to teach new hunters and hunting instructors on the proper ways to discuss the sport.

How to Be a Better Shooter

When hunting big game, you might only have a 3-second window to take a precise shot. Chris Dorsey describes what it takes to take be accurate and fast in the field.

Amazon Prime

Chris Dorsey discusses a family fishing trip to the Amazon Jungle where the fishing menu includes myriad different species ranging from super-charged peacock bass to catfish the size of deer. It’s a Swiss Family Robinson fly-in adventure to one of the most remote regions in the world where the rewards are nothing short of unforgettable angling.

Humane Watch

Chris Dorsey and MIchael Sabbeth discuss the animal rights movement and share their thoughts on, a website exposing the hypocrisy surrounding animal rights groups such as PETA and the Humane Society of the United States.

Chris Dorsey on Conservation

Chris Dorsey of Dorsey Pictures and Sporting Classics TV offers insights to his thoughts on conservation and advice for hunters and conservationists.

Quaking in the Aspen

Chris Dorsey discusses his recent hunt for woodcock and grouse in the thick woods of northern Wisconsin with Ruffed Grouse Society President and CEO Ben Jones and RGS Board Member David Moore.

Campfire Talk with Larry Weishuhn and Luke Clayton

Larry and Luke talk alligator gars, river monsters, and how to catch'em.

Campfire Talk with Larry Weishuhn and Luke Clayton

A discussion on handgun hunting.

How do you know if you are ready for dangerous game?

The decision to hunt dangerous game should never be taken lightly. Chris Dorsey discusses the escalating layers of competency that a hunter needs to master before embarking on hunt for Cape buffalo, lion, leopard, elephant and brown bear.

The Mountains Are in You: Colorado elk and mule deer

Chris Dorsey discusses his late season elk and mule deer hunt in the thin air of Colorado.

Dorsey and Sabbeth Defend Trophy Hunting

Author Michael Sabbeth joins host Chris Dorsey for a lively discussion in defense of trophy hunting. The two discuss why the non-hunting public perceives ‘meat hunters’ as being superior to ‘trophy hunters’ and how we can combat the threats facing our outdoor sports and heritage

South Africa Wingshooting

Chris Dorsey discusses overlooked bird hunting in Africa

Stalking the Blue Bull

Sporting Classics TV host Chris Dorsey discusses his free range nilgai hunt in south Texas.

Blood Origins: A Non-Profit That Explores the Root of Why We Hunt

Robbie Kröger's Blood Origins non-profit has become a significant signpost in the world of hunting, helping bridge a narrative between hunters and non-hunters through sometimes challenging and tough conversations. He sat down with Chris Dorsey to share his thoughts on several difficult and oftentimes controversial topics facing hunters and hunting.

Preparing the Ultimate Shoreside Lunch

A key part of the fishing experience is enjoying a shoreside lunch of fish that was just swimming moments before. With homemade tartar sauce, great views and enjoyable company, a shoreside lunch can't be beat.

Most Spectacular Alaska Fishing Locations

If you're a fly fisherman, there is no better place to be in September than Alaska where silver salmon, rainbow trout and other species thrive.

"The Boat" by Duncan Grant

Sporting Classics publisher, Duncan Grant, commemorates what would have been his father's 100th birthday today with "The Boat," a story sure to tug at the heartstrings of any outdoorsman.

Off-Season/Spring Cleaning

Take some time during the off-season to go through your hunting and fishing gear. You never know what treasures you will find!

What Does Hunting Mean to You?

A sport? A way of life? What does hunting really mean to you? For many, hunting speaks to us in a way that makes us want to give back to the sporting community that gives so much to us and build a foundation for the future.

Chris Dorsey's Hunting Bucket List

Though Chris Dorsey has traveled the world hunting and fishing, there's still a few more experiences on his bucket list.

The Difference Between Hunting On- and Off-Camera

Chris Dorsey's hunts often involve a camera crew and production team. What are the main differences between hunting and hunting with a film audience in mind?

Spring Squirrel Hunting Adds an Extra Challenge

When the fall and winter hunting seasons end, there are still many options for hunting and shooting throughout the rest of the year. Hunting squirrels in the spring offers its own set of challenges that make for fun and exciting warm-weather hunts.

How to Catch a Carp

When you hook a carp, the fight is on. One of the hardest biting freshwater species, fishing for carp is a real thrill!

Africa's Big Five

Africa's Big Five dangerous game species are notorious for theirpersonalities and have earned their reputation for a reason.

Hunting in the Mainstream Media

Too often we leave others to define hunters and our role in conservation, but it's time hunters take control of the narrative. What are some ways we can contribute to making the change?

Hunting vs. Hunting for the Camera: Production Malfunctions

Everything must fall into place for a hunt to go off without a hitch, but even more so when you want to film it. Preparing for these production malfunctions will help you get the best shot in more ways than one.

To Bite the Bullet

Killing an elephant with a 270 Winchester soft-point bullet.

How to Make Carne Asada

The popular carne asada dish comes in many different varieties and recipes. Here's a simple recipe prepared with mule deer venison and boar backstrap with a special seasoning that adds zing and zest.

Choosing a Gun Dog Breed

Before choosing the best gun dog breed for you, you must first assess yourself. Are you primarily a duck hunter? Upland Hunter? Both? Labradors, cockers, setters and others – each breed has their own unique traits and abilities. Find one that will best meet your needs.

Expecting the Unexpected

It's no secret our hunting ventures don't always go according to plan. It's important to expect the unexpected and be flexible when plans inevitably change.

South Dakota: The Pheasant Capital of the World

If you're a fan of pheasant hunting, South Dakota is the place to be and has captured the hearts of wingshooters around the world.

Best Places for Spring Bear Hunts

Spring spot-and-stalk bear hunts in places like Alaska and Canada offer incredible views and thrilling adventure you won't want to pass up.

Chris Dorsey's Greatest Turkey Stories

These elusive big game birds are mesmerizing – there is something magical about turkey hunting that offers a lifetime of stories and precious memories.

The Field to Fork Movement

More and more people are talking about wild game as the original "organic." Hunting your own hormone-free, steroid-free, antibiotics-free meat is growing in popularity and is a great way to introduce people to hunting.

Versatility of Wild Hog Meat

Canadian bacon, backstrap, pork tenderloin and more – Luke and Larry share some delicious recipes that show just how much you can make out of a wild hog.

Luke & Larry's Go-To Wild Turkey Recipes

Luke and Larry share a few of their favorite turkey recipes that are easy to make at the camp.

What Makes Gundogs So Great?

Chris and Kevin discuss gundog traits, training, personalities and more.

Trickiest Turkeys

Turkeys are known for their elusiveness and trickery. Luke and Larry share the stories of their most memorable (and humorous) turkey hunts.

How to Maximize Your Off-Season Time

Chris Dorsey offers his tips for brushing up your hunting skills in the off-season by finding a network, researching wildlife trends and more.

The Best Time to Hunt Turkeys

Some turkey hunters believe the best time to hunt turkeys is at first light while others argue it is better to hunt during midday or in the afternoon. Luke and Larry discuss the pros and cons of hunting at different times of the day.

Wings Over Prairie Wetlands

The prairie wetlands is an ecosystem that produces around 65 percent of the ducks in North America. Protecting this landscape is vital to conserving our bird population, and it all begins with awareness.

The Best Calls for Predator Hunting

Luke and Larry recommend some of the best electronic calls for hunting coyote and other predators. Learn more in Larry's article "The Best Time to Go Predator Hunting."

The Underrated Quail Slam

There are actually six species of quail in North America. While not as popular as, say, the sheep slam, the quail slam offers an often overlooked and exciting challenge.

Taxidermy as an Art Form

Artistic taxidermy tells a story, brings us into an intense moment and captures the essence of the creature.Read Chris Dorsey's "The Taxidermy Magician" here.

How to Build Brush Piles to Support Wildlife Habitat

On this episode of Campfire Talk, Luke and Larry discuss building brush piles and other ways we can create sanctuaries and habitat for wildlife, even on a small piece of land.

Hunting Calibers

Kevin and Chris discuss the best calibers for different types of hunts.

Campfire Talk: Perks of Small Game Hunting

Small game hunting is a great way to introduce youth to the sport. This week Luke and Larry reminisce the squirrel hunts of their youth, share tips for cooking small game meat and look forward to an upcoming squirrel hunt together.

SCI's Share the Impact Auction

Chris Dorsey, David Gardner and General Walt Boomer hunt at Georgia’s Rio Piedra Plantation. Gardner purchased the hunt through Safari Club International’s Share the Impact auction, which provided support for guides and outfitters impacted by the pandemic.

Campfire Talk with Larry Weishuhn and Luke Clayton

Longtime friends and outdoor writers Luke Clayton and Larry Weishuhn introduce themselves and their new weekly segment of the Sporting Classics podcast, Campfire Talk, where they will share discussions of hunting adventures and misadventures, lessons learned, product recommendations, game and fish recipes and more.

"Death By Night" by John Seerey-Lester

Death from wolves can come in many ways. Read along.

Big Game Hunting with an Air Rifle

Chris chats with old friend, Steve Lamboy, from Umarex about large-caliber air rifles. Many hunters reminisce shooting squirrels or other small game with an air rifle, but with today's technology, an air rifle can be equally as lethal as a firearm on even big game.

Best Gifts for Hunters

You can learn more about Director’s Cut from Chris in his own words during his interview on The Big Game Hunting Podcast with John McAdams. After the interview, John was so impressed that he added Director’s Cut to his list of the best gifts for hunters.

Inspirational "Fox News Outdoors" Host, Johnny “Joey” Jones

"Fox Nation Outdoors" is an outdoor series hosted by Johnny “Joey” Jones, a Fox News analyst who lost his legs in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. In this episode, Kevin Fay and Chris Dorsey delve into Jones' inspirational story, his contributions to the celebration of the American outdoors and advocacy of war veterans.

"Lady to the Rescue" by John Seerey-Lester

How Lady Stafford saved the safari.

Chris Dorsey and Kevin Fay on Favorite Outdoor Photographers

One of the secrets to great outdoor photography isn't just the ability to take the picture, but to stalk the animal and get in close to capture that perfect shot.

Casting Call: The Newest Fly-Fishing Book and Film from Dorsey Pictures

Wild River Press and Dorsey Pictures are releasing the first book and film production to celebrate the world of fly fishing like never before.

"Ghosts in the Ravine" by Duncan Grant

While it appeared in the fall 2020 Guns & Hunting issue of Sporting Classics magazine, I wrote this little poem/story for the readers of Sporting Classics Daily not to read, but to listen to. I hope you enjoy it. – Duncan Grant

Interview with President and CEO of the Ruffed Grouse Society, Ben Jones

Chris Dorsey and Ben Jones discussthe Ruffed Grouse Society (RGS), its background, newest happenings and its goal to learn more about conservation and habitat of the ruffed grouse.

Introduce a Kid to Hunting

Kevin Fay and Chris Dorsey discuss the benefits of mentoring youth hunters.

Favorite Outdoor Authors

Chris Dorsey shares his list of all-time favorite authors, including Ernest Hemingway, Robert Ruark and others.

Top of the Flyway

This week on Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey… Chris and his brother Joe migrate north to catch the start of the waterfowl season in Alberta as millions of ducks and geese begin their migration south. It is an unforgettable hunt as they let the Winchesters bark with Ranchland Outfitters as wave after wave of birds come in with winged feet out and webbed feet down. Catch the action every week on Outdoor Channel at: Monday 11:30 a.m. Wednesday 9 a.m. Friday 7 a.m. Saturday 12:30 p.m. Sunday 9:30 a.m.

Montana River Wars

The decline of Montana’s rivers foretells a new battle brewing between businesses that depend on fishing tourism and the state’s ranchers. In this episode, Chris Dorsey explains the detrimental effects of the series of sprinklers and irrigation canals that bleed the Big Hole daily, siphoning water levels so low that there is no longer enough oxygen to support trout, and offers potential solutions.

Remembering Paul Nelson

Paul Nelson of Paul Nelson Farm, a popular hunting lodge in South Dakota, was recently killed in a tragic RV accident when his vehicle was struck by a tornado. In this episode, long-time friend of Nelson Chris Dorsey remembers Nelson's vast achievements in the outdoor industry.

"Strange Happenings At Chickamauga Creek" by Duncan Dobie

A bow hunter believes he is hunting alone until he crosses paths with three strange, ghost-like figures near Chickamauga Creek in northwest Georgia.Read by Sporting Classics' Stan Morgan. Read along.

Author Michael Altizer Discusses Latest Works

The Big Wild host, Dan Gunderson, interviews Sporting Classics Senior Editor and author Michael Altizer. In this interview, Altizer offers insights to his books Ramblings, Nineteen Years to Sunrise and The Last Best Day published and sold by Sporting Classics. Shop Now

Patagonia Wild

This week on Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey... Chris Dorsey takes in the best of land, sea and air in "Patagonia Wild," as he visits the outdoorsman’s paradise of Tipiliuke Lodge in Argentina. Chris and his brother Joe chase free range red stag, wild boar, quail and cast flies at rainbow and brown trout. It's a visit to a countryside reminiscent of Montana from 200 years ago with stunning vistas and abundant wild game. Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey airs every week on Outdoor Channel at: Monday 11:30 a.m. Wednesday 9 a.m. Friday 7 a.m. Saturday 12:30 p.m. Sunday 9:30 a.m. (all times ET)

Great American Outdoors Act

Earlier this year, President Trump called on Congress to send him a bill that would fully and permanently fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund and restore our national parks. On August 4, 2020, President Trump signed the Great American Outdoors Act into law, accomplishing those exact objectives.

Yucatan's Ocellated Turkey

The eastern wild turkey of North American is one of our nation's great conservation success stories and hunters played a direct role in this recovery. Today, the ocellated turkey – the iridescent cousin of the eastern wild turkey – deserves the same chance. The ocellated turkey is native to the Yucatan Peninsula, Belize and Guatemala and boasts a stunningly bizarre coat of many colors, and it suffers from the familiar threats of subsistence hunting and loss of habitat that our native birds faced over a century ago. Thanks to improved land management and funding through hunting, the ocellated turkey has recovered from the brink of extinction and population numbers are on the rise. As a model of conservation, the revenue from ocellated turkey hunting ensures sustainable populations and habitat conservation. Dollars spent through these singular hunts reinforce the true value of the species to the locals and creates a pragmatic reason to protect the gorgeous birds and the wild habitat – just as the fathers of the North America Model of Wildlife Conservation foresaw over 100 years ago. This week in Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey, Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation Board Member Francisco Bergaz joins Chris Dorsey inthe jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula to hunt the gorgeous ocellated turkey. The series airs every week on Outdoor Channel at: Monday 11:30 a.m. Wednesday 9 a.m. Friday 7 a.m. Saturday 12:30 p.m. Sunday 9:30 a.m. (all times ET)

"A Close Call in Muktesar" by John Seerey-Lester

The long search for the man-eating tigress was coming to an end and the hunter was poised to bring a permanent halt to the killer’s reign of terror.

Wolves in Colorado

Despite biologists at Colorado's own Parks & Wildlife Division recommending against an introduction of wolves, Governor Jared Polis has affirmed state law prohibiting agency staffers from publicly sharing opinions on ballot issues.

Buffalo Around the World

This week, Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey takes a look at the four subspecies of buffalo – water, savannah, forest and cape. All four demand respect and look at a hunter with eyes reeking of pure hatred. It’s a celebration of one of the greatest and most dangerous big game animals in the world.

Midwestern Wings

It’s a celebration of the finest wingshooting in North America as Chris takes his RAM 1500 on a road trip to South Dakota to hunt pheasants at the Signature Lodge by Cheyenne Ridge Outfitters and then to Nebraska for ducks and geese with the North Platte Outpost. He’s joined by passionate hunters and champions of conservation in both locations as he shares a blind with Safari Club International CEO Laird Hamberlin, SCI membership sweepstakes winner Daniel Betancourt, Negrini Cases’ Steve Lamboy and outfitter John Burrell at the North Platte outpost, and walks the fields at Cheyenne Ridge Signature Lodge with SCI Sables Director Mary Predovich and SCI Life Member Dan Predovich.

Bristol Bay Pebble Mine: Yea or Nay?

Kevin Fay and Chris Dorsey discuss the implications of supporting the Bristol Bay Pebble Mine, which could lead to the destruction of one of the richest, most vast salmon fishing waters in the world.

"Sounds Like Thunder" by John Seerey-Lester

As the herd rushed along, other individual bison panicked and joined the massive tidal wave of beasts. Ellie and John would be trampled if they didn’t do something fast.

The Slam of Slams: Collecting More Than Trophies

Hunting slams aren’t about collecting trophies - they are collections of adventures, forcing hunters to experience all that the sport has to offer and challenging oneself to achieve goals that were once beyond your imagination. This week on Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey, we look at a collection of Chris’ remarkable slams – the North America 29, sheep slam, turkey world slam, and the spiral horns slam. Its a celebration of the human spirit and a collection of the greatest and most challenging hunts on Earth.

Chasing Big Adventure with Sportsman Chris Dorsey: Part 2

Jim and Trav of Revolution radio interview Chris Dorsey about his latest projects.

Chasing Big Adventure with Sportsman Chris Dorsey: Part 1

Jim and Trav of Revolution radio interview Chris Dorsey about his latest projects.

Birds by the Clouds

Among globe-trotting American bird hunters, Argentina is widely considered the best wingshooting destination on the planet. With doves, pigeons, ducks and perdiz, a partridge-like bird, it’s a magical mixed bag of game. This week on Sporting Classics with ChrisDorsey , Chris and big brother Joe enjoy an outdoorsman’s ultimate playground at Estancia Cortaderas where the spectacular array of wingshooting is paired with acrobatic golden dorado and exotic species of catfish for an unmatched cast and blast adventure. The show airs on Outdoor Channel at: Monday 11:30 a.m. Wednesday 9 a.m. Friday 7 a.m. Saturday 12:30 p.m. Sunday 9:30 a.m. (all times ET)

Top of the Flyway

Chris Dorsey and Kevin Fay discuss this week's episode of Sporting Classics with Chris Dorsey. It’s a wingshooting adventure in North America’s waterfowl factory as brothers Chris and Joe Dorsey head to the prairie pothole region of central Alberta for epic duck and goose hunting with Ranchland Outfitters.

High Altitude Elk & Low Light Hogs

Chris Dorsey and Kevin Fay of Sporting Classics TV discuss the latest episode of Season 2. Chris and his family travel to the high country of western Colorado to hunt the magnificent elk. Then he turns to northern Texas to hunt a less dignified quarry, feral hogs. Watch the episode teaser here .

“Jurassic-Size” Pike and Black Bear

Chris Dorsey and Kevin Fay discuss a family trip to Saskatchewan for “Jurassic-size” pike and black bear including tips on how to introduce young people to hunting. You can watch the trip the week of 7/12 on Sporting Classics TV .

Chris Dorsey on His Latest Project, "Director's Cut"

Chris Dorsey of Dorsey Pictures and Sporting Classics TV sits down with us to share about his newest book and film "Director's Cut – Big game hunting through the lens of the largest outdoor TV producer in history."

"The Hunter-Conservation Paradox" by Britt Longoria

We need to be more willing to share our stories with those who think differently about wildlife conservation, focusing on our ethos and common ground. Read along.

"Confessions of a First-Time Gundog Owner" by Heather Richie

You don't simply bend your life around a gundog; you change it. Read along.

"Out of Reach" by John Seerey-Lester

It’s fair to say that the black bear is one of the biggest nuisances in unattended camps. Read along.

"Rising Buffalo" by John Seerey-Lester

Instead of just two bulls, Theodore Roosevelt and his party were suddenly confronted by a huge herd of angry Cape buffalo. Read along.

"The Elephant's Got The Gun" by John Seerey-Lester

One of the first hunters to take advantage of the “Ivory Rush” in the Lado Enclave, John Boyes soon learned just how dangerous his new occupation would be. Read along.


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