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The World's First Trail Camera

If you think it's a challenge to pattern a big whitetail these days, consider what it was like before Dean Reidt hatched his bright idea.

The World's First Trail Camera

By providing intel on the time and direction of deer movement, the original Trail Timer finally made it possible to scout without being in the woods. (Photo courtesy of Gordon Whittington)

It was one of those situations that simply beg for a trail camera. After I'd hung one overlooking this small clearing, it shouldn't take me long to confirm that the buck I'd glimpsed in the moonlight was as big as my straining eyes had suggested.

For the moment, all my binoculars could confirm was that the beast had a big body and "something" on his head. Beyond that, everything about him was a mystery. I just knew I wanted to see him again, hopefully in shooting light and bow range the next time. Until then, even a single photo would be a huge help in confirming his size, age and activity pattern.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. I never hung a camera for this Central Texas buck...

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