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Wine and Venison Pairings

Looking for recommendations on the best wines to pair with venison? Follow the advice of this matching guide to point you in the right direction for a variety of venison dish options.

Wine and Venison Pairings

This wine and venison matching guide will help you find the perfect pairing and balance. (stockcreations / Shutterstock photo)

My mouth is watering as I write this: I’m thinking of a medium-rare venison steak, its savory, red juices mingling with a full-bodied, jammy cabernet sauvignon wine on my palate. Few things in the world bring me more pleasure. And while I enjoy this combination just as much with beef, achieving perfect balance with my favorite wild game meats is always extra special.

Venison applies to deer, elk or antelope in this story. And by testimonial from other hunters, I imagine moose will work with these wine suggestions, too. True, these meats have their own nuances, but I...

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