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Winchester M1897 Riot Gun Build

We take an old pump-action Winchester M1897 take-down shotgun and build it into a handy short-barrel riot gun perfect for home protection, hunting or the range!

Winchester M1897 Riot Gun Build

One of John Moses Browning’s classic designs, the Winchester Model 1897 is a wonderful shotgun with a compact action, quick handling and handsome looks.

An iconic design, the Winchester Model 1897 was yet another brilliant piece from the fertile mind of none other than John Moses Browning. An improvement of his earlier Model 1893, the Model 1897 was introduced in November of that year when Browning was just 42 years old. Conceptually the Model 1897 was intended to be stronger, to allow use of smokeless powder, safer and more reliable than the very similar Model 1893. Changes to the design included:

  1. The receiver was strengthened, lengthened and the top extended.
  2. The receiver was redesigned to accept the then new 2 ¾-inch shell in addition to the older 2 5/8 inch.
  3. A slide-lock required the slide to be...

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