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Why Trail Cameras Can't Be Your Only Scouting Tool

Trail cameras are great tools, but it takes much more to be a successful hunter.

Why Trail Cameras Can't Be Your Only Scouting Tool

Use cameras as one essential hunting tool. Then combine scouting, knowledge of terrain, hunting skills and your intuition. Together, they’ll make you a dangerous hunter. (Photo By: Alex Comstock)

As a 26-year-old fanatic deer hunter, trail cameras have always been a part of my deer hunting tool kit. Given my age, I have never experienced what it was like hunting without them. To be honest, it’s hard to imagine deer hunting without trail cameras.

I use them in a variety of ways to help me be successful while deer hunting. However, I think it’s extremely important to understand that trail cameras aren’t the end-all and be-all. Even though I’ve never not had trail cameras as a tool, I don’t rely solely on them. Unfortunately, some hunters do, and it can negatively impact their success.

I learned this lesson early in my deer hunting journey...

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