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Why Great Grandama Loved Bear Lard

Don't toss one of the tastiest and most versatile parts of your next bruin.

Why Great Grandama Loved Bear Lard

When warm, bear lard is a translucent amber in color. But once cooled, it turns hard and white, much like pork fat. (Petersen's Hunting photo) 

Let’s face it. The men and women who settled this country were more adventurous and resourceful than most of us will ever be. They built lives in harsh settings, where the only way to survive was to find many uses for what you could forage, grow, or hunt.

Not so with us. Even hunters, who generally have more interest and aptitude in self-sufficiency and the ways of the “Old Ones,” have let too much of this wisdom die out. (Plenty rightly belong to history: I’ll take antibiotics over a mercury-laced “purgative” any day.) But hunters have a lot to learn from our ancestors. Which brings me to bear grease.

Peel the hide off a black bear, and...

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