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A Whitetail Hunter's Guide to Ballistic Reticles

It's untrue that ballistic reticles are too complicated for deer hunters. For some, they're just the right tool for quick shots at extended range.

A Whitetail Hunter's Guide to Ballistic Reticles

Simple, uncluttered ballistic reticles are in favor with deer hunters who demand accurate holdover adjustments and quick target acquisition. (Photo by David McGowen, Istock)

I’ll discuss various styles of scope reticles, including the increasingly popular ballistic reticle. I’ll preface by admitting I’m not an expert rifleman, nor do I claim to be a precision shooter. And I certainly have no professional or military training that permits me to write on the subject with authority.

Instead, I’m simply a whitetailer who enjoys experimenting with various optics for hunting use. To be clear, if you spend the entirety of gun season in thick woods, where shots under 100 yards are the norm, then be forewarned; some of what you’re about to read isn’t relevant. However, if you prefer to hunt large crop fields, senderos, clear...

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