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The Unicorn Buck of Wisconsin

Joe Pettis' 232-inch Wisconsin buck may end the myth of unicorns.

The Unicorn Buck of Wisconsin

Joe Pettis shot this great non-typical in western Wisconsin. The buck has a gross B&C score of 225 1/8 in addition to that cool "unicorn" spike on his forehead. (Photo courtesy of Shane Indrebo)

Joe Pettis and his son Justin live only a few miles from the small town of Osseo in rural Trempealeau County, Wisconsin. For many years, they had permission to hunt deer on the land next to their house. This is an area well known for producing trophy whitetails, but back in 2017 they saw just how special it can be.

After setting out multiple trail cameras, Joe and Justin soon realized they had not one but two exceptional bucks of around 200 inches or even bigger on the property. One of them earned the nickname “The Unicorn,” as he had a distinctive extra point — a spike that looked to be at least seven inches long — rising from his forehead.


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