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Understanding Non-Verbal Whitetail Communication

Deer communicate with each other through their body language; here's what they're saying.

Understanding Non-Verbal Whitetail Communication

A mature whitetail buck does a flehmen, which is commonly called a lip curl. Bucks do this to stimulate their vomeronasal organ. (Photo by Matt Hansen)

A tip of the head here. A swish of the tail there. Hairs standing on end. Legs stiffening like a board. These things all mean something.

Whitetails are very communicative, even non-verbally. Having the knowledge to decipher exactly what deer are thinking as they use non-verbal cues is an advantage every hunter can have. These things help us know when to take shots, when to call and much more. Here’s what you need to know.

Basic Deer Behaviors

Just like a human’s attitude, you can identify a deer’s mood by studying his non-verbals. Let’s take a look at some deer “attitudes” (if you will) and how to identify them.

Relaxed is an...

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