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Training to Shoot When Stuck at Full Draw

What can you do to ease the physical and mental rigors of being caught at full draw?

He had me. I’d failed to trim a single, small branch. Rookie mistake. My elbow snapped the twig as I hit full draw. The evening wind had died, and the sound seemed to boom through the woods. The buck quartered-to, snapped his head up and fixed his gaze on me.

I wasn’t moving, but it didn’t matter. His stare was firm. Rotating my hand inward to take pressure off the hinge, I held, and held, and held some more. Never in my life have I been so thankful to have performed so many hold-at-full-draw exercises.

I don’t know how long my bow was back, but it was a while. When the staredown ended and the buck calmed, he took a single step forward and turned...

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