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Expert Topwater Tips & Tactics for June Largemouth Bass

These three experts know the best new-wave topwater approaches for June largemouths.

Expert Topwater Tips & Tactics for June Largemouth Bass

Tips for better topwater bass fishing in June. (Shutterstock image)

It's humbling to consider the way nature works, with life giving life in intricate relationships that are easy to see on the surface yet deeply inscrutable.

Acorns fall when deer, bears and squirrels need them most, saltwater baitfish migrate and help sportfish survive winter, and ground insects are plentiful just when wild turkey chicks need them.

The same is true for largemouth bass and baitfish species. At most lakes and rivers, various varieties of bait fish swim in proximity to largemouths during the post-spawn. Both move from shorelines to depths of 6 to 16 feet in...

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