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Three Simple Rules to Becoming a Better Bird Dog Trainer

In the end, successful dog training comes down to building a plan and a process.

Three Simple Rules to Becoming a Better Bird Dog Trainer

Training a sporting dog isn't just all about the dog—owners have to be trained at times as well. (Photo By: Venee Gardner)

If you hang around professional dog trainers long enough, you will find that they share a common sentiment: The greatest potential for failure in a gun dog’s training program lies in the training, or un-training, that the dog receives when it returns to the owner’s home. To put it in simpler terms, professional trainers tend to agree that an untrained owner can undo good work in short order.


In my summer training alongside my friend, Dan Lussen, I find that most of my time in the field is focused on training the trainer, or more accurately, on training the owner/trainer. Dan and I agree that after a period working with a dog, the owner really must join...

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