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The Turkey Hunting Do-Over

How to salvage your hunt (and season?) after bumping a bird.

The Turkey Hunting Do-Over

After you’ve bumped a bird and called again from a different spot, be ready to shoot. If the tom comes in, he’ll likely be silent. (Photo by Doug Howlett)

Whether you hunt small properties or large ones, at some point you’re going to accidentally bump a tom you planned to work.

This can be particularly gut-wrenching on a small parcel, as that may be the only tom you have to work. But don’t just walk away disgusted. With a little patience and strategy, you can still save the hunt.


Turkeys have incredibly sharp eyesight, and a hunter will sometimes bump a tom when he’s still gobbling from the roost without realizing he’s strayed within the turkey’s field of view.

If the tom bails from his roost, he usually won’t go more than a few hundred yards. Back...

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