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The Right Way — Some Wrong Ways, Too — to Glass for Big Game

Field skills: Here's how to find more game with binoculars every time.

The Right Way — Some Wrong Ways, Too — to Glass for Big Game

Photo by Bob Robb

I met Arizona guide DuWane Adams back in the mid-1980s on my first Coues deer hunt. It was about that time that Adams began mounting a large binocular to a tripod so he could more comfortably and efficiently glass for hours on end for deer and elk. Around the same time, Zeiss introduced its 15x60 binocular, a behemoth optical instrument that weighed a ton—but when mounted on a tripod, it took glassing to another level entirely. I quickly bought one and became a believer in the technique.

Today, mounting 12X to 15X binoculars on tripods has become relatively common for serious Western hunters. However, buying an expensive binocular and tripod doesn't make you a better glasser...

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