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Fight Target Panic with a Hinge Release

Switching to a hinge release will force you to slow down the shot process. Here are 10 top models to explore.

Fight Target Panic with a Hinge Release

Most people learn more from failure than success, and for author Clint Casper, it was a missed opportunity at a big whitetail buck that convinced him to scrap his wrist-strap, index-finger release aid in favor of a handheld hinge release. Casper is currently hunting with T.R.U. Ball’s HBC Flex.

The stage was set; I had perfect weather, including a cold front out of the north. My stand was prepped and in place, with a shooting lane to the big scrape nearby. The wind direction was perfect for my entry route, and I had things planned perfectly so no deer could see me as I slipped into my spot. All I needed now was a little luck that resulted in “the perfect 10” showing himself before dark.

That evening, as the sun started to set and the wind calmed, I heard the unmistakable sound of leaves crunching due west of my stand. I knew right away “my buck” was on the move, leaving his bed and approaching my location. Sure enough, it wasn’t long before I...

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