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The Straight-Pull Rifle Riddle

Slick bolt actions from Savage, Strasser and Blaser beg the question, “Will straight-pull rifles ever be American?”

The Straight-Pull Rifle Riddle

The Strasser RS 14 Evo Tahr (left) is a premium straight-pull bolt action with an equally premium price: $4,273. On the other hand, the Savage Impulse Hog Hunter (right) is an American-made straight pull with a relatively accessible price tag: $1,377.

Why Not?

Straight-pull rifles have been alive and well in Europe since the Mannlicher Model 1886. They are revered for their fast-cycling and -handling attributes, but until recently, these rifles have struggled to thrive in the American market.

Why? A few reasons. The three biggest are cost, weight and the “Euro” aesthetic.

The oldest straight­pull rifle designed specifically for hunting is the Blaser R93. Blaser’s current R8 model has struggled for popularity in the U.S. due to its price, which...

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