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Stop Teaching Your Gun Dog These Bad Habits

It's all fun and games until your dog is learning hard-to-break-habits.

Stop Teaching Your Gun Dog These Bad Habits
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A dog (or anybody) acquires a new learned behavior, because whatever pays off is the thing that will be repeated. Knowing that will work well for training the dog to do the good things you want, but seemingly, it works even better for teaching the things you don’t want.

Jumping Conundrum

Chronologically, the first annoying thing your dog does is jump up on you. Then we resort to harsh methods of correction like a knee in his chest or stepping on the hind toes. Wouldn’t it be better if the pup had not been actually trained to jump up on people? The scenario goes like this: We visit the litter when they are five weeks old. Because the pups are getting mobile, they...

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