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Stevens Model 94B Single-Shot .410 Shotgun: Review

This handy Stevens Model 94B single-shot .410 shotgun still has a place in the hunting fields, and it's darn hard to beat as a youth gun. Here's a review.

Stevens Model 94B Single-Shot .410 Shotgun: Review

With sleek dimensions and minimal weight and recoil, the .410 Stevens 94B is an excellent hunting tool. (Photo courtesy of Joseph Von Benedikt)

Although common—in both the literal and the literary sense—Stevens single-shot, break-action scatterguns are somewhat difficult to research and document. Hundreds of thousands were manufactured under the Stevens name, but none were serialized until the Gun Control Act of 1968 required serial numbers. As a result, it’s nearly impossible to pinpoint when one was made.

The Tenite-stocked Model 94B variant shown here was made sometime between World War I and 1960. Stevens was purchased (after much drama surrounding a failed purchase attempt by New England Westinghouse) by Savage Arms in the spring of 1920. Most postwar guns are marked Savage, as is the one detailed...

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