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Stay Mobile for Season-Long Deer Success

Stay Mobile for Season-Long Deer Success

Using a waterway to approach a stand site is often the best access route. Not only will moving water disguise your noise, but high banks will keep you concealed from deer. (Photo by Jace Bauserman)

Months were spent analyzing digital maps, and since the public property was close to my home, hours of hands-on recon were invested. I had a good feel for the open-to-anyone dirt. Walks through the woods revealed old rubs and scrapes, and multiple bedding areas were found.

Two weeks before the October 1 opener, three lock-on sets went up. Two were observation stands—sites that would allow me to watch deer use the property.

The third was in a funnel near a known bedding area. Its location was flirting with being too close to napping deer, but if the conditions were right, I figured I might slip in.

I spent most of early and mid-October in my...

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