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My No. 1 Whitetail Tactic: Staging Area Plots

Get big results from these deer magnets.

My No. 1 Whitetail Tactic: Staging Area Plots

Field Editor Bill Winke shot these bucks — one in 2016 and the other in 2019 (see second photo below) — from the same, one-acre, staging-area plot on his former farm in Iowa.

My charter for this column is to crystallize as many life lessons as I can. I think the conversation with Editor Christian Berg, when he assigned this new format, went something like this: “Surely, after all these years you have learned something!”

As relates to land management, I definitely did learn something, and it is dynamite in a small package. I can offer one very useful tip that surpasses almost all other hunting strategies I have learned over the years. With this tip alone, you can shoot multiple Pope and Young-class bucks every season. Your hair will thicken, your biceps will get bigger and you will become noticeably taller.

Well, maybe I exaggerate just...

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