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Small-Water Tarpon in Guyana's Jungles

Three days of muddy misery then jackpot, fly fishing for juvenile tarpon.

Small-Water Tarpon in Guyana's Jungles

Guyana has some of South America’s largest unspoiled rainforests, and they are veined with rivers running to the tropical Atlantic Ocean. It’s prime territory to look for tarpon. (Tim Romano photo)

This article was originally titled "Tenkara Tarpon" in the Horizons column of the April-May 2016 issue of Fly Fisherman magazine. 

The market apothecary was full of remedies like “belly clean out,” “wind medicine,” and “men builder tonic.” The crab oil salesman looked of Indian descent, with a white beard and a kind face, and he presented his potions in old Coke bottles labeled with a permanent marker. He was certainly closer to a witch doctor than a pharmacist, and as good as he made it sound, I wasn’t risking my health at the start of a fishing trip. His stand was across from a dreadlocked woman selling baskets of...

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