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Six Best Revolvers for Self Defense

Revolvers have experienced a surge in popularity recently. Take a look at six top revolver candidates for self defense.

Six Best Revolvers for Self Defense

Revolvers have been mainstays for defense for a very long time, and today’s crop is great for longtime shooters and new folks alike.

As more and more people buy handguns for self-defense, revolvers have experienced a surge in popularity. And that has led to a lot of talk about a “revolver resurgence,” which is kind of amusing to serious revolver fans for whom the wheelgun never went away. While a lot of the surge is due to folks purchasing small, super-light revolvers for concealed carry, sometimes overlooked is how good revolvers—particularly mid- to full-size ones—can be for home defense.

Sure, they may not hold as many rounds as a 9mm semiautomatic, but they’re simple to use. There are no safeties to worry about, no slides to struggle with, no difficult magazines to load...

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