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Should You Buy a .40 S&W?

Should you choose a .40 S&W over a 9mm Parabellum? Here are a few thoughts on the mid-bore pistol cartridge.

Should You Buy a .40 S&W?

Should you consider buying a handgun chambered in .40 S&W today? Michelle Hamilton shares her thoughts on the short .40 caliber. (Patrick Sweeney photo)

The .40 caliber was an answer to a question that was quickly answered, and the answer is not .40 S&W. Plain and simple. Modern projectile technology solved a lot of issues formerly experienced with older duty caliber handgun loads, and has improved terminal performance overall. Once ammunition manufacturers started understanding the basic formula for designing reliable expanding handgun bullets, the caliber debate among duty calibers ultimately died.

Considering the studies and work of wound ballistics from Dr. Martin Fackler, the International Wound Ballistic Association and the FBI, ammunition companies began focusing more on weight retention, controlled expansion and...

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