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Consider Shot Angles During Preseason Archery Practice

Focusing on arrow point-of-impact versus a behind-the-shoulder mindset will certainly help you when the fall season arrives. There, you won't always be put in a perfect shot scenario and must be able to adapt.

Beginning bowhunters undoubtedly have a lot of questions about the process, but when it comes to actual hunting one query always comes up — where to aim. The boiled down, simplest answer is three or four inches behind the shoulder. This, however, assumes an awful lot about a situation as dynamic as shooting at a wild deer.

For starters, deer don’t pose up broadside as often as our targets do. When you watch a buck walk through the woods, his body position changes constantly. Even standing broadside, if he goes to look behind him, scratch his back with his antlers, or sniff some interesting scent in the leaves, he might move just enough to justify a slight alteration in...

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