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Shooting in the Wind: Proper Gear, Technique & Timing

‘Wind-resistant' equipment and shooting form are critical for solid results in the field.

Shooting in the Wind: Proper Gear, Technique & Timing

No matter where you hunt, sooner or later you will need to take a shot when the wind is blowing. Field Editor Randy Ulmer killed this brown bear on the Alaskan Peninsula, the windiest place he has ever bowhunted.

In the last column, we began the discussion on shooting well in the wind. We covered estimating and compensating for wind drift. Now, we will discuss the other components of shooting well in the wind: choosing and setting up your equipment to better handle the wind and developing “wind-resistant” shooting form and timing.

Wind-Friendly Gear

To shoot well in the wind, you must reduce the surface area of your bow to minimize wind drag. Reducing wind drag will minimize the distance your bow moves when buffeted by the wind. I prefer to use a relatively short axle-to-axle bow with a removable quiver and a small sight, set close to the bow. If I use a stabilizer...

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