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Shooting: Classic Hunting Cartridge Revival

Modern loads and a new powder give two lever-action cartridges a boost in performance.

Shooting: Classic Hunting Cartridge Revival

The .307 Win. is essentially a rimmed version of the .308 Win. Hornady produces seasonal runs of the .307 loaded with its 160-grain FTX bullet. (Photo by Richard Mann)

There are a lot of old cartridges suitable for hunting that do not get much attention anymore. This is partly due to the lack of factory ammunition available for them. It’s also partly because many were designed for lever-action rifles and, in this day and age, it seems most hunters want a long-range precision bolt gun.

But even today, most shots at big game are inside 100 yards and some of these old lever-gun cartridges are perfect for that situation.

One is the .32 Win. Spl., which was introduced in 1901 for the Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifle. Unlike the older .32-20 Win. and popular .32-caliber handgun cartridges of that time, the .32 Win. Spl. fired a...

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