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Scouting Deer While Turkey Hunting

What can a deer hunter learn from the turkey woods? Quite a bit.

Scouting Deer While Turkey Hunting

Josh Zaring |

Whitetails pay my bills, but I’d rather hunt spring turkeys, and it’s a good time of year to talk about them both. Turkeys and whitetails share much of the same habitat and some of the same habits. Though the tactics and skill sets for hunting them are different, you can learn things in the turkey woods to complement your whitetail strategy in the fall.

Late-Winter Scouting

I don’t need much of an excuse to go for a walk in the woods on a warm day in late February or March when the peeper frogs are singing, and the daffodils are blooming. A day of kicking turds would do just fine. But usually, I go out under the guise of turkey scouting, though turkeys are...

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