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Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Fly Lines

Fly lines to suit large impoundments, Midwest lakes, or mountain ponds.

Scientific Anglers Sonar Stillwater Fly Lines

$100 |

Whether you’re fishing large impoundments on major rivers, thousand-acre Midwest lakes, or high-elevation mountain ponds, Scientific Anglers’s Sonar Stillwater series has a fly line to suit your needs.

The Sonar Stillwater product line has:

  • Single sink-rate offerings (Clear Camo) for standard subsurface stillwater fishing
  • Dual sink-rate offerings (Seamless Density) that have two different densities/sink rates in the belly section that provide a smooth connection to retrieved flies
  • Hover lines which sink very slowly for shallow ponds, staying just below the surface around lake edges, or for keeping your flies in the rich littoral...

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