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Sauer 38H Pistol Review

The Sauer 38H was indeed an exceptionally advanced design for its day.

Sauer 38H Pistol Review

The Germans employed a broad amalgam of combat handguns throughout World War II. While the .32ACP cartridge seems woefully underpowered by modern standards, as a last-ditch defensive weapon and badge of rank, small pistols chambered for this round rendered decent service. The 38H is shown here alongside the Walther PPK and Mauser HSc.

It was the evening of July 13, 1943, and Leutnant Otto Neumann was lost. He had flown more than 300 miles aboard a Junkers JU-52 transport plane and hit the drop zone at dusk, as planned. That was, however, the only thing about this mission that had gone as intended. Everything else seemed to be random, disorganized, flawed, or broken.

Neumann, like all German Fallschirmjagers, hit the ground naked. At least that’s what they called it. He wore his “bone bag” jump smock, abbreviated paratrooper helmet, and scant personal equipment, but his MP40 submachine gun was lost someplace in a weapons canister. His only weapons consisted of a Sauer 38H pistol and a...

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