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Rissack Needlefire Salon Pistol: What's It Worth?

This Rissack needlefire salon pistol with Belgian proofmark and engraving is valued between $1,000 and $1,250.

Gun Room: Rissack Needlefire Salon Pistol: What's It Worth?

Rissack Needlefire Pistol, .32 Cal., 75%: $1,125

Question: I recently purchased what I believe to be a needlefire pistol, the needle being 2 inches long. It's about .32 caliber, in great condition and nicely engraved. It has a Belgian proofmark and the name “RISSACK”. How rare is this gun, and what is its value?

-D.W. of Owatonna, Minnesota

Answer: Jean Jacques Rissack was a maker who maintained an establishment in Herstal, Belgium, around the midpoint of the 19th century. Among other items (such as Flobert-­type pistols), he produced multi-­ and single-­barreled needlefire pistols such as your pistolet de salon (i.e., “saloon” or...

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