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The Right Gear for Hunting Public Land

Be sure you have the proper gear essentials to help you get the job done on open-to-anyone whitetail dirt.

The Right Gear for Hunting Public Land

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It's a combination of things. It’s knock-on-door permission going by the wayside. It’s an influx of new, full-of-piss-and-vinegar bowhunters. It’s cagey veterans craving a new bowhunting adventure. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying public-land whitetail pursuits are growing in popularity.

The idea is pure: Matching wits with a wild critter on its home turf, knowing said turf is open to every soul on the planet. It’s a noble pursuit, and those who harvest a mature buck, or any buck for that matter, quickly earn a Yoda-like whitetail rep.

Hard to believe? Jump on any social-media platform, and you’ll quickly realize it’s those...

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