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Rifle Strap or Sling: What's the Difference?

They're not the same, and which one you should put on your rifle depends on how you hunt.

Rifle Strap or Sling: What's the Difference?

Photo by Richard Mann

Most hunters don’t realize there’s a difference between a rifle strap and a rifle sling. A rifle strap helps to carry a rifle on your shoulder; a rifle sling helps to stabilize your shooting position. Though there are exceptions, straps and slings are mutually exclusive. A good carry strap cannot be employed as an effective shooting sling, and a good shooting sling usually sucks for carrying a rifle. Almost every rifle needs a carry strap, and most hunters could benefit from a shooting sling.

A quality strap allows you to comfortably carry a rifle on either shoulder for long periods of time. Hunting that way, however, is not a good idea. On one fall day when I was about...

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