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Review: Browning X-Bolt 2 Pro McMillan SPR

Lightweight, compact, and ready to make your long-range shooting dreams a reality, Browning's new-for-2024 kingpin bolt-action — the X-Bolt 2 Pro McMillan SPR chambered in .300 Win. Mag. is a win.

Review: Browning X-Bolt 2 Pro McMillan SPR
An off-the-bench performer, the author used the new Browning X-Bolt 2 to smack a pair of gallon milk jugs from over 900 yards. (Author Photo)

In 2008, Browning made a significant leap forward. They introduced the X-Bolt, a new bolt-action series that surpassed their tried-and-true A-Bolt rifle line. This innovative lineup immediately resonated with the shooting community, marking a new era for Browning.

The X-Bolt developed a positive reputation for its out-of-the-box accuracy and light, crisp Feather Trigger system. The 60-degree bolt lift promised rapid cycling and ample scope clearance.

The X-Bolt, a true champion, has evolved over the years. Browning has expanded Continue Reading

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