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New Reloading Data for the .458 and .375 SOCOM Cartridges

Shooting Times readers have asked, so expert Lane Pearce has provided reload data for the unique .458 SOCOM and .375 SOCOM cartridges.

New Reloading Data for the .458 and .375 SOCOM Cartridges
The .458 SOCOM was developed in 2000 and is based on a necked-down .50 AE case. The .375 SOCOM came along in 2013, and it is further necked down to accommodate 0.375-inch- diameter bullets.

Recently, reader Pete Swanson asked me about the .458 SOCOM cartridge. Coincidentally, reader Ed Stafford asked about the .375 SOCOM. I first encountered the .458 SOCOM cartridge several years ago on a visit to the PolyCase munitions firm then in Savannah, Georgia. The company made an injection-molded bullet that consisted of a mixture of copper powder metal and a polymer binder. Named the ARX, these unique projectiles significantly enhance the ballistic performance of conventional ammo because the...

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