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Preseason Deer Hunting Class: Bow & Rifle 101

Effectively preparing for fall bow and rifle seasons involves a curriculum that includes more than just time at the range.

Preseason Deer Hunting Class: Bow & Rifle 101
While preparation for the season goes well beyond the bench, zeroing your rifle is an essential first step. If long-range shots in the field are likely, consider a 200-yard zero. (Mark Kayser photo)

Do you think our service members zero their rifles, fast-rope out of a helicopter and assault a fake terrorist compound once, then suspend training because everything went smoothly in practice? No. They continue training to perfect their skills so when it’s time to execute a mission they can command fluid situations with authority.

Consider this while zeroing your rifle and archery equipment. Your hunting tools might be throwing bullets and broadheads exceptionally well, but hunting situations differ greatly from sunny practice days at the range. After building confidence during your sight-in session, move beyond the range to command authority in the hunting...

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