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Pick a Spot to Slow Your Movement At Full Draw

When the moment of truth arrives, you need to forget about the big rack in front of you. Pick a hair and shoot there!

Pick a Spot to Slow Your Movement At Full Draw
Picking a spot to shoot for is critical in bowhunting.

The giant buck was already in my shooting lane when I spotted him. In a panic, I grabbed my bow off the hook, pivoted and drew all in one motion.

It wasn’t a hard shot, but I rushed it badly. I assumed there was no way I could miss him at that range, but I did. I shot right under the buck.

I could have easily made that shot if I had just taken the extra moment required to pick a spot. That is all it would have taken to slow the moment and ensure success. If only we could get mulligans in bowhunting…

I have also had a few shots that seemed simple while they occurred but were, as I reviewed them later, more difficult. In each of these, the common theme was the...

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