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How to Perform Under Pressure

Here's how to ace those big shots when they arise!

How to Perform Under Pressure

Focusing on the minute details, like picking a tiny spot for aiming and slowing down your shot process, will help you succeed when a big buck walks up and the adrenaline takes over.

For this month's column, I am going to open up my brain like a tiny, little suitcase so we can try to figure out what’s going on in there when a buck approaches. There is no telling what might come fluttering out of that cobweb-filled void, so hold on to your seat. But, to really understand how we react to the adrenaline, a deeper look inside the gray matter must be part of the journey.

The nice thing about writing this column since before many of you were born is the fact that I am no longer expected to impress anyone. You all know me way too well for that by now.

It is quite possible I am less capable of handling those huge moments than you. Maybe you should be the...

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