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Overlooked Public-Land Deer Hunting Programs

A deep dive into some of the more obscure public-land deer hunting opportunities throughout America.

Overlooked Public-Land Deer Hunting Programs

You don’t need a posh piece of private land to kill big deer. Many places are open to public hunting and folks don’t even know it. (Honeycutt Creative photo)

I’ve hunted places so close to civilization I could hear detailed conversations I had no place hearing. So, to you city slickers, keep those windows closed. No one wants to hear that.

I’ve also hunted areas so remote you couldn’t hear a car, person, train … or anything. It was nothing but eerie silence, which ironically and weirdly crescendos into a defining roar, if you focus on it. Still, I prefer it to hearing sweet nothings in the city.

Nonetheless, there are public lands all across this nation, and most of these offer pretty decent deer hunting. Some lands and programs are no longer secrets, but others are. Here’s a look at both.

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